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The pictures below are 'thumbnails' of photographs which have been uploaded by members to show their boat or details of her junk sail/s or rigging. The idea is to provide a quick way of seeing:

  • the huge range of boats (mono-hulls and multihulls) that can be built for or converted to junk, and
  • the variety of rigs, from single sail to schooner, flat-panelled to cambered

How to use

Where members gave their images captions, extracts appear below; roll over it to see the full text. Click an image to enlarge it, then use the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons to scroll. Images shuffle along as new ones are added.


Please try to give each image a caption so we know whose boat it is, her name, model, length, type of rig and any further info, eg "... showing her downhaul system".

486 photo(s) Updated on: 21 Jun 2020
  • Vanharouva ready for a summers swim....
  • Batten Hinge for Aluminum Tube Battens
  • Badger Feb 2016. Cumbria uk
  • Winch was re-positioned to clear the mast!
  • Ivory Gull as bought March 2015
  • Ivory Gull, as bought in March 2015
  • KILDA, from Halifax, seen in South Carolina, December 2015 (photo: WR Cheney)
  • SATU Fwd mast lkg down
  • SATU as I found her in Seattle Oct 2015
  • SATU on the Hard in South Seattle
  • SATU early years 1975ish
  • SATU 1975ish
  • SATU Deck Shot
  • SATU Launch 1975
  • SATU as seen on the late Tom Colvin's Website
  • A large junk built in Zhou Shan, China. Believe to be Dr. Moran's 30 meter junk. Image received from public forum in WeChat group.
  • With bottom assembled
  • Bulkheads and sides assembled
  • The planned layout of the junk rigged Paradox. Shaded is the originally designed layout with CE marked.
  • Langsyne, Roberts? 38, Junk Rig, Fore mast step
  • Langsyne, Roberts? 38, Junk Rig, Foremast
  • Langsyne, Roberts? 38, Junk Rig, Foremast
  • Zebedee and La Chica, Mahurangi New Zealand 2015
  • Zebedee, Footprints, and La Chica, Mahurangi Regatta New Zealand, January 2015
  • SV Fly on first sailing off Dartmouth UK. Both sails reefed.
  • SV Fly. Mainsail as per Arne's design has just been fitted.
  • SV Fly. Foresail as per Slieve's split design has just been rigged.
  • SV Fly crossing the railway at Kingswear. 36' steel owner built vessel based on a Brent Swain design.
  • SV Fly being lowered into the River Dart
  • Vanharouva with her 2014 dogdoghouse
  • Vanharouva in her 2014 shape with new dogdoghouse, or the high-rise as Oscar keeps calling her.Note the three part companionway door with folds into a neat packet under the doorstep.
  • Alloy Junk on Loch Oich August 2014.
  • burryport estuary on hylas
  • out in burryport estuary on hylas
  • Madam Wong Center Pilot House
  • Colvin Oothoon "Madam Wong" with Colvin Junk Rig
  • Colvin Oothoon Junk "Madam Wong" bow shot
  • Colvin Oothoon Junk "Madam Wong" with shallow keel.
  • Madam Wong starboard side in dry dock New Zealand
  • Pelican, Norwalk Island Sharpie, Sunbird Rig. Townsville Australia, Magnetic Island in background.
  • she will need some beach pebble ballast
  • the front is a great shape
  • the original YANMAR three cilinder diesel needed a rebuild, because there was'nt any compresion rings were broken and seized, a man in cornwell reengineered the pistons and rings runs nice now
  • bottom done about 450 hours still a long way to go
  • a lot of work went into the clean up
  • she hardly made a ripple
  • SUNFUNG and HONG KONG carved in the stern
  • i am sure all these ropes do something
  • they are going to look great on the boat wish i new more about rigging
  • 5 battens made from bamboo i think the sails will need replacing but i am going to try them first
  • Detail of attaching main sheet to the batten. Note batten cut at the bamboo joint and reinforced with fishing line. Thicker part of bamboo at the leech.
  • Commodore's Pillar 将军柱 attachs the mainsheet to the hull. Note 2 separate block systems to control the upper and lower part of the main sail, believe to control the twist of the sail
  • Detail of batten parrel made of stainless steel wire and hardwood roller in a Hong Kong junk
  • A Hong Kong junk modified for touring, displayed in a boatshow in China. The sail area is reduced
       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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