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The pictures below are 'thumbnails' of photographs which have been uploaded by members to show their boat or details of her junk sail/s or rigging. The idea is to provide a quick way of seeing:

  • the huge range of boats (mono-hulls and multihulls) that can be built for or converted to junk, and
  • the variety of rigs, from single sail to schooner, flat-panelled to cambered

How to use

Where members gave their images captions, extracts appear below; roll over it to see the full text. Click an image to enlarge it, then use the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons to scroll. Images shuffle along as new ones are added.


Please try to give each image a caption so we know whose boat it is, her name, model, length, type of rig and any further info, eg "... showing her downhaul system".

518 photo(s) Updated on: 14 Jun 2024
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  • She's a Shunting, Junk Rigged Proa
  • Cambered Panel, Balkan Style....
  • Her stern, the view most boats will just have to get used to.... Balkan Shipyards
  • Looks balanced, 18 square meters on a fully loaded 1 ton, Drua... Balkan Shipyards
  • Razor Blade, built for fast cruising, not racing...
  • Surprise
  • Surprise
  • Pirogue from the Pacific/Indian islands. From the Facebook group International Junk Rig: Sailing Old and New. Posted by A. Eaves.
  • 5 kw 48 volt brushless PMAC motor in NA29. Industrial type transmission used as a reduction gear, thrust bearing + motor mount. Installed 2011. Very little maintenance. Without problems so far.
  • Hunter liberty 22 called Serenity, sailing with a home made Aero-junk rig on her maiden voyage.
  • North Atlantic 29 electric motor sailing in light wind. Construction is epoxy cold molded mahogany over laminated oak frames. Bounty Yacht's hull # 1 launched in 1979.
  • 27' Steam Yacht Befur heading south on Windermere Lake, Cumbria
  • 27ft Steam Yacht Befur racing north, Windermere Lake, Cumbria. A Selway Fisher Golden Bay with 18sqM Arne-style barrel-cut sail under May snow on fells!
  • Befur pinching? Need a little tweaking of the LHP. Steam Yacht Befur, 27ft Selway Fisher Golden Bay.
  • Thankyou to Arne and Mr Tyler, she actually sails and sets quite well :-) Steam Yacht Befur's 18sqM barrel-cut sail.
  • Started drilling out the holes for Hydrovane vane frame. I drill with a spade bit from both sides first, to prevent it splitting out, then drill a few small holes around the edge to help the final cut
  • Replacement Hydrovane frame I am building. That's as much drilling as my 30£ drill and two batteries could manage in one day. I'm trying to reduce the weight without losing too much strength.
  • Diamond netting I made, 80mm diamonds, 3mm 12 strand polyester that the fishermen use for net repairs.
  • Old Hydrovane I am restoring. Model number 66, 40 years old! I got it in exchange for a surf board and laserjet printer.
  • Hand-Sewn Bimini, 35+ hours sewing. New mainsail covers coming soon.
  • Lazy Jacks integrated into handsewn sailcovers, 30+ hours sewing, yard painted white for visibility at night. Also have canted the foresail by moving the yard sling point 5% aft. Sail not fully lashed
  • Handsewn Bosun's Chair. See me using it solo here -
  • Handsewn Mastboots. Velcro opening aft for adjusting wedges, neoprene gasket sewn to inside lower edge.
  • Windcatcher/Rainguard I made for the forehatch. When we are in a wetter area I may need to devise a bimini for this area too, airflow is important.
  • BUGSY Scaled down Pilmer rig, soft canvas HM sail, all ally spars, still learning
  • BUGSY Farr 5000 at Port Denison West Australia
  • Long Time - Newbridge Venturer - in Dublin city centre - motor sailing
  • Wilde Qualle ADELIE 14
  • 20170605 Marieholm IF 'Ingeborg' in Stavanger. One of a series of photos taken that day. SA=35sqm
  • Whisper at the Georgetown Regatta this week
  • Whisper at the Georgetown Regatta this week
  • Branwen arriving Alvor, Portugal, Summer 2017
  • Latest news, 18 9 18 Copper bottomed, new steel tapered masts painting on going work small wood burning stove with back boiler poss Hobbit stove? ready for winter.
  • Tai Mo Shan - round bilge Ebbtide 37
  • Branwen, 32ft LOA, overtaking a 42ft Colvin Gazelle, 2018
  • Branwen, Wylo 32 centreboarder converted from gaff cutter by her owner, sailing in the Bahamas, 2018.
  • Mango Moon on her first sail
  • Mango Moon on the Mooloolaba river. 13.3m twin asymmetric keels.
  • Mango Moon tender. 3 metre molded cat, kapten collars. Amazing stability.
  • Mango Moon in new paint, 2016. The hard dodger an canvas, clears give a very comfortable area in just about any weather.
  • Mango Moon, new paint, 2016.
  • Invictus - Investigator 823 - Mort Bay Balmain. Just west of Goat Island and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
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