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The pictures below are 'thumbnails' of photographs which have been uploaded by members to show their boat or details of her junk sail/s or rigging. The idea is to provide a quick way of seeing:

  • the huge range of boats (mono-hulls and multihulls) that can be built for or converted to junk, and
  • the variety of rigs, from single sail to schooner, flat-panelled to cambered

How to use

Where members gave their images captions, extracts appear below; roll over it to see the full text. Click an image to enlarge it, then use the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons to scroll. Images shuffle along as new ones are added.


Please try to give each image a caption so we know whose boat it is, her name, model, length, type of rig and any further info, eg "... showing her downhaul system".

486 photo(s) Updated on: 21 Jun 2020
  • junk-rigged Chinese wheelbarrow in Shantung (1797)
  • Arion sailing to windward in 25 - 30 knots across the Whitsunday Passage, with one panel reefed.
  • Arion sailing to windward across the Whitsunday Passage in 25 - 30 knot winds, with one panel reefed.
  • good night
  • Gudhjem, Bornholm
  • Gothenburg
  • Öresund
  • Vanharouva
  • A replica of a norwegian nordlandsbåt from 1848, built in 2006 was Vanharouvas neighbor in Ven
  • Copenhagen canals
  • Dragör with Kastrup airport in background
  • Vanharouva with Viking in Göta canal
  • Miranda reefed in the Kyles of Bute
  • AeroJunk with her cut-down jib. Balanced at last
  • Arion motor-sailing in light winds. Note autopilot linked into self-steering gear's servo rudder and six-part main-sheet on horse over tiller.
  • Arion motor-sailing down the Hinchinbrook Channel north of Townsville. Another superb cyclone hole. Just watch out for the sandflies and crocs. They both have terrible teeth!
  • Arion anchored off the famous Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island. The sand is pure silica and is as white as snow.
  • Sea Elf on Chesapeake Bay
  • Iam nealy there now
  • very happy with the new covers
  • very nice
  • mast is up
  • I am on her at last
  • so nice to be on the water
  • yes at last on her mooring
  • almost ready to go to my moorings
  • looking good cant wait
  • Junk seen in Sitka harbor (2)
  • Junk seen in Sitka harbor (1)
  • Junk cat entering the Huahine pass. Spot the surfer and the two dolphins. Picture by A Swanston, submitted by Annie Hill.
  • It wasn't in my original thoughts but this reminds me of a Spitfire Wing.
  • Long Hai, Bonbonon Bay, Negros, Philippines. 2013
  • Long Hai in Hong Kong circa 2010?
  • Long Hai in Hong Kong circa 2010?
  • Long Hai in Hong Kong circa 2010?
  • Long Hai in Hong Kong
  • 9. Aug 2013. We in Frøken Sørensen thought we were doing well in a light F2 - that is, until Marie G slid past us - easily. Well, at least I can admire FS' taut luff, thanks to the new tack line..
  • Badger, with mainsail squared off
  • Badger running wing and wong: showing foresail squared off.
  • Persephone maiden voyage-at destination-Potomac River, Virginia
  • Sea Elf sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Bilbo a traditional Malay junk
  • Model of Jim Michalak "Cormorant" that i have plans to build in the future.
  • Jim Michalak`s "Cormorant". 32 ft. overall, 8 ft. beam, shoal draft
  • Layout Bow to Stern - anchor well; storage under foredeck accessible from HUGE berth; saloon/galley;head/wet locker;aft deck with storage under;well for outboard fuel tank and spare anchor,etc.
  • Masts will be in tabernacles thru bolted to bulkheads and decks
  • tabernacle reinforcing supports somewhat as Dave Zeigers on his Triloboats
  • Jonathan Snodgrass with his Sunbird 32 schooner junk Lexia the morning of the 2013 OSTAR in Plyumouth. Preparations had finished at 2230 the night before.
  • Another view of Mallie approaching Lytham
  • We managed to avoid this 'pirate ship'
  • Another view of the sail twist.
       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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