Arne Kverneland's files

The Cambered Panel Junk Rig ("The book"), a DIY guide to rigging a boat with cambered panel sails.

Chapter 1, Preface (ver. 20200916)

Chapter 2, THE BOAT.pdf, version20100923... Finding a suitable boat to buy, build or have built...

Chapter 3, CHOOSING A SAILPLAN.pdf ver. 20140224 Sketching up a sailplan and sorting out the CE versus CLR. File size 2.31MB...

Chapter 4, DRAWING A DETAILED SAIL.pdf version 20140317, including 20 pages with master sail diagrams. File size 3.3MB

Chapter 5, MAKING THE SAIL.pdf, version 20240203a. Lofting, cutting and sewing..

Chapter 6, THE (wooden) MAST.pdf,
version 20180919

Chapter 6b, The Hybrid Mast (ver. 20180917A)

Chapter 7, Rigging the sail.

Other technical articles:

1 The Cambered junk sail , ver 20071228-1.pdf
(..the short version..)

Arne's Chain Calculator, ver 20120519.pdf

Junk Rig for Beginners pdf [987 Kb] English French

Batten stagger in a junk rig with cambered panels.pdf

20091119 Camber, the Johanna way.pdf

(..replacing the gaff sail with a junk, but keeping the rest...)
(..printed in NL48...)

The Myth of the Bad Tack.pdf
(.. why the cambered junk sail is just as good or
better with the mast on the lee side of it... )

20140830 Making a fan-up preventer.pdf
( ver. 20140830. Includes a test-sail of a
fan-up preventer on Frøken Sørensen...)


20200508 A new rudder for an Athena 34

20231130 Friction in halyard and sheet.
About my boats, mostly.

Letters (..some copied from the Yahoo JR group...):

     (making use of some photos from Edward Hooper)

     (.. about the JRA rally plus visit from Peregrine...)
     (.. about heating the cabin...)


20100912 a photo review of the Stavanger JRA Rally 2010 (link below) 


20110630 Getting Broremann back in business.pdf

     (.."Small is beautiful, partII" , new mast...)


20110722 The poor man's Ljungsröm Rig.pdf

    (.. a totally different  way of doing it...)


20110907 A rig for comparing wind drag.pdf


20120326 A cordless winch handle for Johanna.pdf


20120704, A white sail for Edmond Dantes, part 1,   ver 20120723.pdf

(.. 2.5MB, The Construction of the Sail...)


20121006, A white sail for Edmond Dantes, part 2,   ver 20121006.pdf

(..1.8MB, Rigging and Testing the Sail...)


20130302 A solid fuel heater for Edmond Dantes.pdf

(.. The Dickinson Newport...)


20130808 Frøken Sørensen, short photo article by Arne Kverneland, Part I.pdf

(.. Part I, rigging and first sails...)


 20131017 Frøken Sørensen, short photo article by Arne Kverneland, Part II .pdf

(.. Part II, sailing and technical details...)


20140503 Junkrig for a Jeanneau 6.6m.pdf (an exercize in using The cambered Panel Junk Rig, Chapter 3 - 4)


 20140521 Goodbye to Johanna.pdf (..the shortest delivery trip ever...)


20140611 Taming the THP.pdf (..a quick fix which hopefully will work, conclusion 20140815...) 


20141103, Who said that a spruce tree cannot speak.pdf
( a simplified version of "Arne on mast scantlings"..)


Junkrig for Ingeborg, Part 1 (20161015)

from JRA Magazine 72: Making the sail (link below)

Junk Rig for Ingeborg, Part 2 (20170521)

making the mast step and partners (1.62MB, link below)

Junk Rig for Ingeborg, Part 3 (20190221)

mast, yard, battens and boom, and rigging it.

20170429 Adding a jib to a JR

20170727 Testing Ingeborg against La Barca

20180811: Some thoughts after the Tallship 2018

20190104 'Otto', a wind-vane steering gear

(type OGT MkII designed by Bill Belcher)

20190405 First outing in Ingeborg, 2019

A test yuloh for Johanna.pdf
(2.25MB,  some photos I took, back in 2008)




Letters, (Continued)

20200905 Fixes, adjustments and improvements on Ingeborg

20211009 Outing no. 15 in Ingeborg

20080219 Broremann's sail plan.pdf

Samson, a 49' schooner.pdf

Johanna's sail plan, sheet 1-9.pdf  ( including sheet, halyard and mast...)

20120826 Westsail 32 text plus JR.pdf (sailplan with a little explanation added)

20130811 Frøken Sørensen, Sailplan with description.pdf (a Greif 650 Jollenkreuzer)

20141208 IF, Ingeborg, 5-sheet sailplan
(..a 35.2sqm, AR=1.90 sail for a 26' Marieholm IF...)

20140701 X99 w. 54.8sqm JR, 5 sheets.pdf
(The sail for Ketil Greve's "Marie G", based on master sail with AR=2.00)

20160317 Sketching up a JR for a Nonsuch 30

20211217 Sailplan and photos of Kelt 8.50

20220118 Badger's sailplan re-drawn

20220309 Sailplan for Newbridge Corribee

Ten master sails, Johanna style.pdf
(Version 20170513, from AR=1.80 to AR=2.25,  )
Now renamed Johanna 70 master sailplans

Ten Johanna 65 Master sailplans (pdf) ver. 20240405

Ten Johanna 60 Master sailplans (pdf) ver. 20240405


A DIY-friendly wind-indicator (20190519)

How to calculate Sail Area to disp. ratio,

ver. 20100923.pdf
Two plotters you can make yourself, ver 20120405.pdf Course and Range Plotter and Bearing Plotter, 163kB
20140111 Avoiding capsizing an offshore cruiser.pdf                       
(..using the Capsize Ratio, made by
The Cruising Club of America...)
How to make a cone-shaped mast coat(link below)

20160701 An easy to make tiller brake (link below):


A hastily made write-up 

20180611 Making a parachute drogue(link below)
(Last update 20180729)

20191103 How to thin alcohol from 96 to 80%

20200323 An easy to make facemask

20200815 Facemask version 3 (in Norwegian)


Links to JR video clips on YouTube
and Dropboks by Arne Kverneland (PDF)

       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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