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Clubs and Associations
The French Association for Junk Rigs - La passion des jonques et des voiles de jonques. 

The Navigator and Venturer Association - "The Navigator & Venturer Association (NAVA) stems from the Association formed by Newbridge Navigator owners who wanted to share with other owners the pleasures of these small sailing cruisers. Owners of Venturers were invited to join when they came on the market."

The Kingfisher Yacht Owners' Association is the place to look for technical and other information, including boats for sale, about Kingfishers whether already junk-rigged or awaiting that conversion.

The Unified Corribee Website is a mine of information about this popular pocket cruiser, and sometimes lists  junk-rigged boats for sale.

The Ocean Cruising Club promotes long distance, blue water sailing.  The website has a number of forums that are readable by non members.

The Jester Challenge site was updated in 2018 and has a variety of information about the events on it, with more being added regularly as the new website is built.  

The JRA is a member of the AYRS (Amateur Yacht Research Society).

OSTAR - the well-established trans-Atlantic Observer Single-handed Transatlantic Race featured a junk in 2013, when then Chairman Jonathan Snodgrass got his Sunbird 32 schooner junk Lexia to the start line. There is a nice little guide to the 1972 OSTAR and it's competitors, including Mike Richey and Jester and Jock McLeod and Ron Glas.


Duckworks Magazine is loaded with info on small junk rigs like those developed by John Welsford and Paul Fisher.

Wikipedia's Junk Rig page.

Karsten Petersen, aka Global Mariner, has a fascinating photo collection of Chinese junks and junk rigs.

Jochen Kuhn, a man of many talents in Germany, has a veritable treasure trove of Junk information, in the original German, and in English translation.

The University of Bristol (UK) run a project on Historical Photos of China here, though you'll need to search for images of junks.

Robert Parish has some great photos in his sampan and junkrig albums

Member Wayne Moran can build you a traditional Chinese junk.

Bruce Roberts provides information about junk rigs for his boat designs.

Search Apollo Duck for junks for sale by clicking here.


The Sailing Channel offers 'how to' and cruising videos. Most are 'pay for' but there are plenty of free samples.

 'Free China junk' is a feature-length documentary released in 2012, and that's the link to it. The publishers say that it 'represents a rare opportunity to capture the Free China story, a story whose back-drop in 1955 reflects the subtle relations between Communist China, Formosa (Taiwan) and the United States during this significant period in China's history.  It is this moment in history that prompts the Free China's crew to make a critical choice: to stay in Taiwan or risk everything to cross the vast Pacific without sailing experience in the hope of tasting a new kind of freedom.  With an invitation in hand to participate in a trans-Atlantic yacht race, they choose the ocean.' A great story and some fascinating shots of hard work (and chickens).

JRA member Paul Thompson sent this link. He said, "I've stripped down this video that I found on YouTube to retain just the bits that interested me in this 1973 Shanghai political documentary. The full video (in two parts) can be found on YouTube by searching for 'Shanghai 1973'. Whoever posted it deleted the distracting voice and ran some of it in slow motion to help viewers see what's really going on. Notice that all the sails, even the shredded ones, are not flat. Lots of yuloh action too."

Other Websites

http://www.pdracer.com/ links to PuddleDuck Racers, a 3 sheets of ply design which, they say, can get you on the water in as little as 3 days. Claims to be a great little sailboat, tender, and class racer which, in its latter function could be an ideal vehicle for comparing junk rigs. That proposal was made by member Dave Zeiger who posted about it here.

www.triloboats.com is one of the websites run by JRA member Dave Ziegler. Dave's mission statement is, "TriloBoats are formula designs for simple, DIY (Do It Yourself) plywood box-barges (scows) for sail, power and/or mooring. Their intent is to help your home-built boat onto the water in the shortest possible time, with the most possible bang for the buck (return on investment). To this end, TriloBoats are optimized for DIY home builders. As such, they are relatively inexpensive and quick to build using basic carpentry skills, tools and materials.Whether as sailing barge, power scow, or shanty boat; whether as gunk-holer, protected water cruiser or live-aboard houseboat; TriloBoats intend to provide a commodious, stable and seaworthy platform for living large on the water."

www.sailingglaciergem.com is a website operated by JRA members Nick and Monika on a Colvin Gazelle schooner and includes a blog, videos, photographs, and more.

Active Captain - The Interactive Cruising Guidebook - Marina Reviews, Fuel prices, Anchorages.

Good Old Boat - Good Old Boat says it has 'entered the 21st century kicking and screaming.' A bit like the JRA then. They're all about traditional boats and ways of doing things and, like us, now have a digital magazine 'for those who are not so traditional'.

Shanties & Sea Songs collected by Andrew Droskóy.

East Coast Pilot is the updates website for the East Coast Pilot and the website for the Thames Estuary crossing planner, Crossing The Thames Estuary

Sailblogs - Sailing Blog Hosting & Social Network - "Have an adventure to share? An on-line Sailblog and map can keep you connected from around the world!" 

Walt Murray's Self-Steering Designs webpages are available here

World Cruising and Sailing Wiki - A Free Cruising Guide in the "wiki tradition", interactive with free registration.

Stellarium - Stellarium is free GPL desktop software which renders realistic skies in real time with openGL. With Stellarium, you really see what you can see with your eyes, binoculars or a small telescope. Stellarium is also used in planetariums. - Linux, Windows or Mac. 

'Free China Junk' Preservation links to the organisation that's attempting to preserve the junk (see video above) and take it back to Taiwan - there's news in the 'News & Info' section, and a video clip too.

The Cheap Pages links to some interesting nautical sites, several of them junk-related. It's here that Brian Platt's article The Chinese Sail can be read as web pages. It's also available here as a pdf (750 Kb).

The Vermont Sail Freight Project aims to match eco-friendly production and delivery and may even use junk sails. Click the 'About' button on their Home Page.

Boleh, a historic junk-yacht of unique design, is being restored in Portsmouth and turned into the perfect vessel for providing inspirational training to disadvantaged young people. Boleh was built in Singapore in 1949 and sailed to the UK. In Malay Boleh means “can do”. The “can do” philosophy is at the heart of the project to restore Boleh and put her to work training and inspiring young people.

       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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