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Junk Knowledge Archive

The information provided below as free Fact Sheets, is in PDF format. You may need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it.

Fact Sheets

JRA-Fitting the unstayed mast rig to your boat.pdf -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Designers and Builders of Rigs and Boats:

JRA-Fact Sheet 1.pdf:

Parts suppliers for Junk Rigs:

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 Sailing Information, Charter, Tuition:

JRA Fact Sheet 3. pdf
Publications, Books ref. Junk Rig:

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Boat Designs using Junk Rig:

JRA-Fact Sheet 5.pdf

Note: This fact sheet is quite old, and is currently being updated. You can download the most recent version here.


Sources of Technical Information:

JRA-Fact Sheet 6.pdf
Newsletter Articles Index (updated 21 October 2009):

JRA-Fact Sheet 7.pdf

Original Kingfisher sailing instructions.pdf

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