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Active Sites / Blogs

  • Annie Hill has her own excellent blog here.
  • Bertrand and Marie-Helene Fercot are now cruising their twin wingsailed Tiki 46 Grand PHA. Their blog is in French, but is well illustrated, so the linguistically challenged should be able to get into it. Bertrand says, "On our new website on the page "LIENS" we have put links to our other blogs concerning the sailing and building of Grand PHA and PHA.
  • Dave Zeiger of Triloboats has a blog which, he says, often mentions junk rig. He has a new blog about the building of his next boat. Seems pretty well-advanced at date of writing (Oct 2015).
  • David and Lynda Chidell have published Cutting the Dragon's Tail in a Kindle edition, and Lynda has set up a website to give readers access to photos that couldn't be included in the book
  • Georg Warnecke has a nice site about his Kingfisher 20+ junk Mimpi. It's in German and English.
  • Leo Foltz describes Chinese Lug Sails and building Twilight, an AS29 Sharpie.
  • Nick and Monika complete and sail an aluminum Colvin Gazelle schooner
  • Pete Hill's blog, junkoryx is worth a read, according to Gary King. Thanks, Gary.
  • Paul Sanders built a 34' Badger and has an impressive blog about Vino Tinto.
  • Paul and Gayle Sommers have a blog detailing their travels aboard Indigo, a Colvin Gazelle 42, and latterly aboard Dragon's Wing, a 30' Ganley Snowbird. The blog has not been upadates for a while, but Paul says that is about to change.
  • Richard Brooksby keeps a blog of his cruising with and development of his junk-rigged Newbridge Coromandel Tammy Norie.
  • Roger Taylor has made some impressive voyages in the junk-rigged Corribee, Mingming, and was awarded the 2010 Jester Medal by the OCC.
  • Shemaya Laurel has a Bolger Chebacco, Auklet,  that she has converted to junk rig (see JRA Magazine 67 for her account of the conversion). See also the Boat of the Month for June 2015 in our archive. Her blog includes information on Auklet's DIY separating composting head.
  • Shirley Carter is cruising on Speedwell of Hong Kong, mostly single handed.
  • Simon Foster and his partner Alison Roe run entertaining blogs about their conversion of an Alberg 37 yawl Ara 'Deg to a schooner junk. Simon's ('Junk rigging an Alberg 37') is a great primer for anyone contemplating (or already 'enjoying') such a PJR-inspired project, while 'Alison's Eye' features superb photos of places they've been. From its March 2011 West Atlantic 'design and build' start to arriving in Crosshaven, Eire, in January 2016 (via Scotland), you'll find tales of storms (they call them 'small gales' and gales 'big storms'), a broken mast, drying out on a steep slipway - and a fan-up or two -  all described with wit, tackled with determination and spiceded with humour. Reserve a few hours to discover what ocean adventuring is really about.
  • David Omick and Pearl Mast are documenting their voyages on the 4 masted JR catamaran, Minimus II.  As of Spring 2022, their voyaging on this boat is just starting, but read their website for past voyaging and other life adventures.
  • Tony Brown’s generous sharing of the story of building a Badger called Tapatya is here:

    The story of building a 75’ Junk Rig schooner many hundreds of miles inland has finally got to the point where the boat is in the water:

    And this is Chris Boxer’s story of sailing his 20’ Coromandel

Websites of Navigational Interest/Voyaging Information If you are going to the Southern Ocean or Arctic/Antarctica you will want to read Voyaging Notes from Annie Hill & Trevor Robertson

Social Media

We have a Twitter page here.

YouTube gives access to many videos of junks sailing. The JRA has its own YouTube channel, and many other JR related channels are listed under video resources in the menu at the left.

FaceBook pages of interest to junkies include International Junk Rig: Sailing Old and New. Several members of the group have links to their own pages or blogs.

Archived Sites / Blogs

The following list has links to past sites that are now archived. If your site link has been placed here in error, please contact JRA to have it listed in the active section above.

  • Alan MacBride resumes his saga of building Albatross.
  • Alan Jones's blog, The River Sled Autarkia, covers the building and commissioning of a modified Triloboat design for inland and inshore live aboard cruising.
  • Barry and Meps Stellricht say they "have been blogging for 11 years now, although much of the older material was about refitting Flutterby. Since the rig was our big priority, the blog got to limp along... Here's the latest incarnation, with Mep's latest article, which explains the roles of "fernows" and "round tuits" in managing one's website and boat:
  • Brian & Maddy Kerslake sail Paradox, a Freedom 39 Pilothouse Schooner converted to junkrig.
  • Bob & Cathy Groves built and cruise Easy Go, a junk-rigged Dory Schooner (sistership to Badger, yuloh powered). In his last post in November 2013 Bob describes the loss of Easy Go in severe conditions in the Gulf Stream, 700nm off Cape Cod. 
  • Chris Vossel-Newman is converting Bobtail, a 1980's 22' Colvic Watson, to a junkrig.
  • Clive Hammon writes his blog, Nuthin Wong, and offers his book "No Fixed Address" for sale.
  • Dan Johnson's Badger Hestur has launched, and a terrific implementation of this famous design it is. Read all about her and and their first and subsequent adventures, on Dan and Charlotte's starboardlocker blog.
  • Gary King blogs about cruising on his Badger replica, Ashiki.
  • Gary Pick's Hartley Spindrift 24 Redwing blog - building and rigging her. Goes right back to 2008. Gary has a pretty long thread on our site too.
  • Klaus Sell and his brother Hans-Jürgen have a nice blog about the restoration and junk-rigging of their Luna 26, which they have now launched. The blog is in German, but a translation of the first part was published in Magazine 68.

       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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