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The pictures below are 'thumbnails' of photographs which have been uploaded by members to show their boat or details of her junk sail/s or rigging. The idea is to provide a quick way of seeing:

  • the huge range of boats (mono-hulls and multihulls) that can be built for or converted to junk, and
  • the variety of rigs, from single sail to schooner, flat-panelled to cambered

How to use

Where members gave their images captions, extracts appear below; roll over it to see the full text. Click an image to enlarge it, then use the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons to scroll. Images shuffle along as new ones are added.


Please try to give each image a caption so we know whose boat it is, her name, model, length, type of rig and any further info, eg "... showing her downhaul system".

513 photo(s) Updated on: 12 Apr 2024
  • Vanharouva
  • Arion, Tom Thumb 24, sailing off Cairns, Australia.
  • Arion, Tom Thumb 24, sailing to windward in 5 - 10 knots of wind off Cairns, Australia.
  • Tin Hau cruising off the west coast of Mauritius
  • Henry Pigott's "Glory 11".
  • Vanharouva testsailing
  • Leo Folz's 'Tara'
  • The Last Sailors P 116.
  • LONA
  • Wild Fox
  • Fantail. The luff parrel and the Hong Kong parrels are pulling the middle of the luff aft too much, resulting in diagonal creases.
  • Fantail, before removal of the Hong Kong parrels. The luff hauling parrel now runs from the yard end, to the 2nd batten down, to the 4th batten down, and to the deck. The sail now sets much better.
  • Fantail, before the addition of a tack line to remove the diagonal crease in the bottom panel, and before removal of the Hong Kong parrels.
  • Badger
  • Badger, sails made from Haywards cloth in 2006
  • Edmond Dantes
  • Ron Glas sailing into Portimao.
  • Running wing and wing - a beautiful sight.
  • Chinese junk, Hong Kong.
  • Peregrine
  • Poppy, with her "split junk" rig
  • Nuthin' Wong
  • Nuthin' Wong
  • Nuthin' Wong
  • Tin Hau after launch in 1986
  • PUFFIN on Lake Martin, AL. A highly modified Jacques Mertens D4 sporting my first junk sail.
  • Wee Elf underway.....this is the first time I've seen what she looks like while sailing....
  • Butterfly of Liverpool sailing in the Blackwater from the Bradwell Rally 2005
  • Butterfly of Liverpool sailing off Felixstow
  • "Stay Free" sailing in Torbay. 26' Newbridge Pioneer Pilot.
  • Alleda wing/wing near Preveza Greece
  • Pelican, Walton back waters Suffolk UK, Proctor one design tri mast 26' x 10' Ply Cat
  • mehitabel - clear day, clear decks...
  • Johanna in 2007 running before in a gentle F3. Her big low-AR sail on a short mast ensures excellent downwind performance. The rig is still a tough all-weather rig.
  • Brunk sailing reefed
  • Janvier Aquila
  • Bunny
  • Edmond Dantes and friends.
  • Malena (foreground) and Johanna
  • Samson, Malena, Johanna, Edmond Dantes
  • Samson, Malena, Edmond Dantes
  • "Footprints", designed by Gary Underwood.
  • Peregrine
       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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