Galion 22 conversion

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  • 28 Apr 2020 10:15
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    What a lovely job you gave made of this, Jami. Again. I confess to feeling more than a twinge of envy.  And you are allowed to go sailing, I think? Wonderful.  I hope you have some glorious days out on the water.

  • 27 Apr 2020 06:55
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This looks very good, Jami, your sailmaking skills are impressive.
    Now, by just eye-balling your sail, it looks to me as if it has moved the CE about 30cm forward. That should increase the lead with  5.5% of the waterline, so it is no surprise if you have done away with the weather helm problem.

    Well done!


  • 26 Apr 2020 22:48
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    Looking good Jamie I'm very impressed. Mast height equal to top of yard - that's good I think. Is that a yard hauling parrel? (Hopefully you might not need that). Is there a range of attachment points so you can alter where the halyard attaches to the yard? A littler bit more fooling around needed to get those luffs straight, and the main luff parallel with the mast, and it will be looking perfect. Lovely contrast, the yellow with the black.

    Looking forward to some sailing photos.

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  • 26 Apr 2020 14:07
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    Still not tweaked properly, especially at the top panels, but you get the idea. The through-light of the morning sun is not the most flattering, though :)

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  • 24 Apr 2020 16:24
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    Many thanks Jami, I'm going to order this fabric. My sail area will be about the same as yours, as the boat is Mini Cruiser 6.50 junk schooner.  However, I want to make simple flat sails, but with hinged battens. My first test sailing will be probably Baltic, so maybe there will be opportunity to compare our rigs sooner or later. Cheers :)

    One more question - what kind and size battens you will apply?

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  • 24 Apr 2020 08:38
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    I used the 190 gsm Outguard:

    which I have purchased from a finnish supplier Muovikum for two sails now.

    I have been told that their price of 17,90/m (for a fabric with a widht of 170 cm!) is lower than in e.g. Germany, even the fabric is german-made. I also think you might be able to negotiate a bit lower price, when you buy a big amount. 

    However, I must stress that I haven't had a long experience with Outguard yet. It is very easy to work with (doesn't even seem to need a hotknife) and has a large variety of colours. But I have no experience of its longevity yet.

  • 24 Apr 2020 07:23
    Reply # 8925205 on 5070195

    Hi Jami, I am watching constant progress in your sailmaking. You're doing well and I am interested in your project as this is what I will be doing in a few month. There is constant discussion in this JRA community on best kinds of fabric to be used to make sails. I see you choose OUTGARD. Could you inform which grammature you use? This fabric is coated, but can not find info - whether both sides, or one side only? I guess it was purchased via Internet - where from you have bought it? I am in Poland, so the same region, maybe can use the same supplier, if you recommend. Wish you luck with the project. Kris

  • 23 Apr 2020 18:13
    Reply # 8924228 on 5070195

    That's great news, congrats Jami!

  • 22 Apr 2020 11:12
    Reply # 8920976 on 8913728
    Weather helm gone when heeling?  Or is the boat providing enough drive without having to heel and cause weather helm?

    No, of course not as such. I think that the heeling-induced weather helm is counteracted fast by the good sail balance as soon as the mast turns a bit upwards again. But the drive issue might also be playing a part, at least this was one of the intended goals.

    Anyway, too early to say too much. And because my understanding of the aero/hydrodynamics is so very limited, I will probably never have good answers anyway :)
  • 21 Apr 2020 14:50
    Reply # 8913728 on 5070195

    Congratulations, Jami, on what seems to be mission accomplished.

    Weather helm gone when heeling?  Or is the boat providing enough drive without having to heel and cause weather helm?

    Curious to know where the calculated C of E is now, both in comparison to the 1st Junk Rig  and also the Bermudan.

    Anyway ,congratulations again and hopefully a happy summer of sailing.

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