An update of PJR?

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  • 10 Mar 2012 18:58
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    Kurt Jon Ulmer wrote:When I said this:

    'Practical Junk Rig' is close to 25. Maybe it's nearly time for a book which incorporates what has been learned since the 1980s, into the previous many centuries' wisdom. Perhaps there could be specific contributions by those who have added to our knowledge.

    It should aim to be authoritative and as solidly useful as PJR, while inspiring further evolution - goals which Hasler and McLeod balanced quite well - though it might encompass greater variety. 

    It should be about the size of the Oxford English Dictionary, and come in an even number of volumes so as not to cause a list. And it should have jokes. Lots of jokes and a DVD or two.

    ... I had no idea it would draw out such suggestions.

    But I can't see a quality committee book ever emerging.

    I don't think the rights to PJR need be sought if they could be bought.

    Two or so committed people - main author and editor, say - could produce what I described. However, I suspect they're doing too much sailing and boatbuilding this decade...


    I think it's time to start a new topic to continue this discussion.
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