An update of PJR?

  • 20 Mar 2012 14:41
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    Annie, you're right of course. Current e-Book readers such as Kindle, Kobo, Sony e-Reader etc would make PJR very difficult to work with, so a printed version would always be needed. Once we had the files for that, spinning off a K, K, or S etc version (for posterity) would be straightforward.

    David (Tyler) has hit the nail on the head by suggesting a 'thin' supplementary 'e' and printed text to support and update PJR. It could take the form of a (very) special extra edition of the JRA Newsletter.

    David (Thatcher), your offer to help with such a project would I'm sure be very welcome, should it get off the ground. If you've any time in the meantime to do some editing of this website, your help would be appreciated. Please email me separately for details. I'm slowly tweaking pages but there's one major job that David T and I have identified.

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  • 20 Mar 2012 07:26
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    I have been reading the exchanges with interest. Certainly the hard copy version of PJR is still very useful and in my view irreplaceable. I have referred to it quite a bit over the last week in figuring out sheeting details etc for my new rig. Whatever form it is in the information in PJR is so comprehensive and useful for anyone contemplating or designing any form of junk rig.

    Since the book was published and post the most recent update I have there have been so many advances in technology and developments such as hinged battens, cambered panel sails and even David Tyler's soft wing sail that a supplement of some sort is certainly needed regardless of what format it is in. I think this would be an interesting project and having had some experience in writing and publishing books I would be happy to have an involvement. Maybe it could be an 'online' supplement accessible via an online membership to the JRA with any proceeds raised through access to the supplement going to the JRA.


  • 20 Mar 2012 00:08
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    I'd be fairly confident that PJR will remain in print - but if it doesn't, then it would be good for the JRA to have it in digital form so that we would be able to use one of the modern forms of "self publishing", "print on demand" and so on that have made it so much easier to get a niche book onto paper.
    As for an update - it will only be a slim volume, I think. It would be easy for the JRA to publish it as an e-book and on paper, using just the same process as we use to publish the magazine. It's so easy nowadays to prepare a PDF and send it to a digital printer. Tell him how many copies you need, and a few days later, you have a book in your hands.
    The hard part is writing the content...
  • 19 Mar 2012 22:51
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    I'm sorry Brian, but I don't think that books that contain important diagrams work at all in e-book format.  Most of the new information post PJR is available on this site and can be downloaded to an e-reader if that's what you want.  Then you can have the printed volume to refer to as you come to terms with the concept of the rig and how to design one.  Once you've got your head around the basic rig, using small format pages to understand the refinements would be less of an issue.  I know that David designed Fantail's rig - but I had already started work on it and used PJR constantly while designing the mast, partners, etc.  I scribbled on it, flicked it back and forth, highlighted bits and generally abused the book, which would still be good as new if it hadn't also got soaking wet on one occasion (another story).  Had I been using an e-reader, I would have ended up going to someone with a printer and getting them to print it out in A4 size.
  • 18 Mar 2012 21:55
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    David made some very good points. Perhaps then the way ahead would be an e-book version (if do-able) of Practical Junk Rig in order to preserve it for posterity without the expense of reprinting, and instead invest in the new book he outlined. We're building up a good bank of images  that could be included as examples of rigs that have moved beyond PJR.
  • 13 Mar 2012 02:42
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    I fully agree with you that a new book is needed. PJR is written in the very distinctive style and "voice" of two ex-military men. When  I read it, I can hear Blondie's speech patterns, and see the twinkle in his eye as he says something sly.
    We cannot possibly match that style, and shouldn't try. The appendix in later editions seems to be out of place, to me.
    Now, Arne has published much of his material; Slieve has released a draft of his thoughts; and I will, I hope, by the end of the year have sailed my new rig from New Zealand to Canada and clarified and verified my thoughts as to what makes a good rig for both coastal and ocean cruising. We are approaching the point where it would be possible to put together a book, with three or more sections (as many sections as there are people with something to say); not authored by a committee, but each section with a single author. There will be some overlap of ideas, and some conflicting positions held, but all in all, I would hope that it would represent a fair and balanced view of what has changed in the junk rig world since PJR was first published.
  • 12 Mar 2012 22:14
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    I would like to see the new info in the PJR as I see a new book a complication. To have the wealth of info in one book is my idea of ideal.
    Though I suppose the new info could be a separate suppliment to PJR.
  • 12 Mar 2012 15:18
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    I think Kurt has a good point.  There is lots of info on this site that could make a very useful book.  Perhaps it is too bigger task though...........


  • 11 Mar 2012 08:09
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    Yes, a new discussion. Thanks, David.

    To clarify one point I muddied above: I don't think the rights to PJR need to be gotten, for someone to create a new and useful book.


  • 10 Mar 2012 21:26
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    The only items needing updating is sail camber, various sail design, along the lines of Arnes version of Hasler/ Mc Leod, David Tylers Fantail and Slieve Mc Gallards Split junk. The biggest problem is that they are not tested against each other on identical hulls. I would like to have an update on mast kalculation where the weigh and width/ lenght of the hull was taking into consideration. This forum is very much about likes and dislikes, and biased on cruising. I guess I am the only one trying to improve the sail by racing. At the moment I am rerigging an X-99 to Arnes sail, + 1 extra panel at the bottom of the sail to get 55m2 sail areal. Edmond Dantes achieved hull speed too easily, and anything done would not show in higher speed. I suggest that we shoud first have gathered information on the "new" cambered sailplans and put it on the JRA pages. If the association achieves the copyrights for the PJR, we could go for a renewed wersion. Does anybody know how many books having been sold?


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