Looking to RENT à Bilge Keel ?

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  • 23 Sep 2018 21:53
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    I would like to find a Bilge keel, if possible, with a Junk Rig that is 

    for rent next summer to sail in scottland. Does anyone know

    where to look ?  Which website has lots of ads with private 

    people renting out their sailboats ?  thank you. 

    Raymond living in France.

  • 24 Sep 2018 13:41
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    Raymond,  I very much doubt if you will have any luck.  By Bilge Keel, I assume you are thinking of a smaller boat?  Most commercially chartered boats are 35' plus,  smaller ones rare, junk rigged - I would be amazed.  A private on-off hire would probably be an insurance problem and not worth the owners bother. 

    If it is just yourself you may be able to join other junkies for a cruise.

    I see from you photo, you also enjoy some of the other good things in life - with luck late spring / early summer is a great time to sail, and with luck get out on the snow, especially if you are a ski-tourer. 

    Hopefully you will make it next year, if I have a boat by then,  you would be welcome to join me.

  • 24 Sep 2018 20:59
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    Hello Raymond,

    I noticed you commented on my advert. Well looks like my Trivial Pursuit will be coming back the UK end of the month now. It ties me to coming back next year if I leave it in Kefalonia and business/work commitments makes that a little difficult at the moment.

    Although not rental rates, I wasn't sure what your position or intention was, but thought I'd just mention.

    Kind regards


  • 24 Sep 2018 23:04
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    Hi Raymond,

    why rent a boat for a couple of weeks when you could buy one and spend the whole summer sailing in Scottish waters for very little difference in cost?  OK the boat would probably be a lot smaller than a rental and you would probably need to do some work and add some equipment, but there are some real bargains out there. You would also have an asset to sell when you are done with it.

    All the best in achieving your dreams, David.

  • 25 Sep 2018 02:27
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    Thank you for the feedback. My ititial idea was to buy an old sailboat

    26-30 feet to sail from my country sweden through scottland, england

    and down to France. I live in the south of France close to Toulouse.

    However, since I live in France, I would have to spend quite some time to

    prepare the boat to sail from sweden to Scottland and also, and foremost,

    I am thinking that a bilge keel is to me almost necessary since I have never

    sailed in areas with heavy tides. I only sailed in sweden and the mediterrean sea.

    And in Sweden there are not bilge keel sailboats for sale since there are no tides.

    So my idea is now to buy a bilge keel in the UK and to spend a couple of summers

    sailing in Scottland, then to go through the brittish channels and sail across the channel

    to France and Brittany.

    All this is for me a preparation for in about five years to buy and prepare

    for more extensive sailing to the carribean and pacific during the winters.

    A way to spend the cold winters in warm climates. Some fellows on this

    website recommended some books to read about six months ago

    which I have read and lots more.

    But now I want to sail, not dreaming. I have bought all of MINGMING

    books and they are great. And most storm books to get me really scared:):):)

    Another idea was to start to rent but not to rent from official commercial

    brookers since this is very expensive. In Sweden lots of people rent out their

    sailboats and it is pretty cheap. About 500£ for a week on a 26 foot sailboat.

    If this option is not available in the UK, I would have to buy a sailboat

    to sail in Scottland and find a cheap place to keep it onland during the winter.

    As far as Junk rigged sailboats are concerned, I have read books from

    people saling these boats and to me after these readings,

    this is the « ONLY » option when sailing alone or with people who do not sail

    and who you cannot send out on deck in a full blown storm to change sails !

    I cannot see myself going off to Tahiti in something else than a junk rigged sailboat.

    But of course to begin sailing in Scottland and the french Brittany,

    a junk rigged bilge keel is not so necessary. Pretty hard to find one for 5000£ !

    My futur larger 35-40 feet sailboat to sail to the pacific in about five years

    will be as far as I am standing today, a flat bottom steel junk rigged with a centerboard,

    never mind the risk of something going wrong with the centerboard.

    For going downwind, the flat bottom sailboat is to me without question way more

    confortable than keel boats and since going with tradewinds is about going downwind

    90 % of the time……..

    The day I want to cross the southern or northern seas, if that happens, I will change to a

    short or even long keel yacht. I have a friend who just finished a 7 years long

    voyage around the world going with the tradewinds on a 40 feet flat bottom

    centerboard steel yacht he bought for 20 000 £. He convinced me.

    I know some people here told me that buying a centerboard yacht is not wise

    but I would be willing to take the rist to be able to go close to the shore and into

    creeks and to sail downwind without having a boat swinging all the time.

  • 25 Sep 2018 08:33
    Reply # 6691280 on 6688767

    Hi Raymond,

    the Corribee 21 for sale on this website would seem to be ideal for you at only 1700 pounds sterling. The advert does not say if she is bilge keeled but she would be worth an inquiry. She is the same design as Ming Ming, so can do what you want to do.


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  • 25 Sep 2018 12:09
    Reply # 6691450 on 6688767

    Thank you David.

    21 feet is way to small for us, we will be four sailing.

    I found this : Anyone know anything about this sailboat ?

    Dear David. Yes, you are probably right about that, buying instead of renting.  I found this :

    Mirage 28 Yacht
    28ft Bilge Keels
    New engine in 2012
    The intérior has been made by the buyer, not the factory.

    It is in good shape says the owner that has taken care of her

    the last 15 years.  He is asking 7500£, but 6500£ if I buy

    it before he takes her out of the water. The winterstorage

    with lifting out and in the water, and a high pressure wash

    is 6500£.  28 feet should be good for 4 people to sleep and cruise

    for a month next june.

  • 25 Sep 2018 14:22
    Reply # 6691663 on 6688767

    Hi Raymond,

    the Mirage sounds like a good deal and, as you say, can accommodate four easily. Other bilge keel yachts that may suit are those produced by Westerley. The Centaur is a popular design  and quite numerous, while only 26 feet long it has similar accommodation to the Mirage so should meet your needs. There seem to be around 30 for sale in the UK at the moment, so finding one should not be too difficult.

    All the best, David.

  • 26 Sep 2018 07:00
    Reply # 6693228 on 6688767

    30 !  That is great. Thank you very much David

  • 26 Sep 2018 07:21
    Reply # 6693235 on 6688767

    and what websites are the best in the UK to find used westerlys and so on ?

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