Desperately Seeking Ginger (the owner of Colvin steel junk)

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  • 25 Apr 2017 16:21
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    A quick update for everyone who has been so kind with support and encouragement.

    It sounds like Chris Brand, a previous owner, is still in possession of a Ginger archive of information. He promised, should I buy her, to surrender the collection to me.

    I phoned the onsite broker and left a message (and sent an email) offering to hire him as my marine private investigator to contact the owner and, if a sale is made, handle the transaction. 

  • 26 Apr 2017 14:10
    Reply # 4780277 on 4754690

    That's great news. 

    At this point, maybe find a different broker that's in the area to chase it down? Somebody with high reviews from local customers.  I don't think that's unethical given the trouble you've had with the unresponsive yard.

    I bet that some other brokers around there already know who owns her. 


    -  I'm at James Baldwin's Atom Voyages site all the time - and I've even looked at those photos before.  I'm chagrined that I didn't find them either.  

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