What boat?

  • 13 Oct 2018 10:47
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    Hello and thank`s for your answers.

    The plan I have is to make a project first on a small boat and if that

    works out fine maybe go for a bigger boat, maybe with to masts. There is a bigger sister

    to the Amigo 27 called Amigo 33.

    But that have to wait until I see that I get all things right on the first one.

    I have my eyes on the Amigo 27 mostly because of the long keel 

    that I think it will be a more "soft" boat and easier handling and movement when sailing.

    And also I will have head room in the salong, and thats also a reason to maybe

    keep it if it gets to be a good boat with a junk rig.

    I have ordered the PJR and will start to look at that and try to get the placing off

    the mast right to get as good balance of the boat as possible.

    And go from there to get a good sail.  

    I hope that there is lots of information in that book for me to use in order to

    get it right the first time.

    The plans I have is to get a good sail boat with simpel handling for singel sailing

    witch I will do most of the time and I do have plans to take the boat to the Med 

    and keep it there for some time at first and then we will see what happens.


  • 09 Oct 2018 08:46
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    Hello Stefan,

    I've looked at the Misil II and Amigo 27 on sailboatdata, and they would both make good junk rigged cruisers, but of very different types, so the question is not which boat is "best", it is what kind of boat do you want? A cruiser for short holidays on the west coast of Sweden? A cruiser to live on and go further afield? Perhaps the Misil II for the first, the Amigo 27 for the second scenario, but we really need to know more about what you intend to do, to be of more help. 

    It's not really possible to buy a new junk rig off the shelf. You may be able to buy a secondhand sail and spars, once you've got a boat and know exactly what kind of rig that it, and you, need. A better course of action is to source the various components of the rig yourself, making them if you have the necessary resources, but commissioning professionals if you don't. One sailmaker that is worth talking to, when you have decided on the boat, is Sebastian Hentschel, 

  • 08 Oct 2018 22:43
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    Hi Stefan,

    the choice depends more on what you are going to do with the boat. If you are more in to cruising then the longer keel will provide much steadier steering and will be easier to handle. If performance is the aim then the fin keel option may be better. Draft is also a consideration if the boat is to be trailered or if you sail in shallow waters. More information on what your use of the boat will be and what kind of waters you will be sailing in, will help in providing advice.

    All the best with the project, David.

  • 08 Oct 2018 22:01
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    I am looking for the best boat to be my first junkrigged  boat. I have two different types off boats. # First boat is a 24 foot Hallbergs Rassy. The name off the modell is Misil 2, sounds promesing and the second ond is a 27 foot Amigo 27.

    The Misil 2 is a fine keel and a skeg rudder, the Amigon 27 is a long keel. Pros and vind between the two boat types?

    Long keel easy to balance fine keel better upwind? 

    And for sail, I will take the easy path and try to by the sail and mast ready. Any good ”shops” to chose from?

    Happy for some help for my winter project.

    Best regards.


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