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  • 01 Oct 2018 09:33
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    Hello fellow junkies,

    I've long been dreaming of buying a boat to live-aboard, but so far it's just fantasy. I don't have any experience actually sailing or living aboard a boat in the right size range. Thus, I think it would be wise to try crewing and boat-sitting first.

    If anyone has need of a free boat-sitter, for leaving your boat at anchorage, for example, let me know. I can sit in an anchorage for an extended period, as long as I can access the internet through wifi or a cell phone signal, as well have enough electrical power for a laptop for a few hours a day, as I work online. I'd also be happy to crew for up to ~two weeks on a short passage. I'm mostly based in Asia, but I can travel to most places, and I can cover all of my own expenses.

    My experience: I have sailed dinghies in protected waters. I have also sailed on commercial shipping as officer and captain (from tankers to tugs).

    I'm a man in his mid-30s, eager to learn, fit, and reliable. Not a know-it-all. I do occasionally suffer from seasickness but it seems to go away after a day or two.

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