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  • 01 Oct 2018 04:34
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    Scott Yellig wrote:

    Thanks, David.

    How is the Eco 6 build going? Do you have a thread here on about it?


    No, I don't have a thread going, didn't think it was exciting enough! Although maybe I should do and then all our talented junk rig designers can put their heads together and come up with a workable rig for the boat.

    Like any boatbuilding project it is not coming on fast enough, mostly through not being able to get enough time on it. When I do get a chance to do boat work it progresses quickly. I think the scale of the project is about right, a big enough boat to do some real coastal sailing in, but not too big that it is going to take years to build. My current goal, (Plan A!), is to get all the stringers on both hulls this month, and then maybe the plywood on by Christmas. But along with all that I need to go to work 4 days each week, do a week long haulout on Footprints in November, and make her a new sail cover, look after our 23 acre property, cut down and chop up at least two gum trees for next winters firewood, look after my marriage, spend time with my daughter, and have some fun every now and then. Some thing has got to go, I think I need to stop going to work! 

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  • 30 Sep 2018 08:42
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    Thanks, David.

    How is the Eco 6 build going? Do you have a thread here on about it?


  • 30 Sep 2018 05:53
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    Scott wrote:

    About 6 hours later I get a text message saying he 'decided to back out of the deal' and that he wants to keep the boat local.

    It is hard to keep a positive attitude after this.


    You have got to wonder about some people, maybe he didn't really want to sell the boat. Still, keep a positive attitude. In the words of the American Marines when things go belly up - Adapt, & Overcome. Sometimes Plan A doesn't work out, in which case you go on to Plan B. Plan B may not be immediately obvious but something will turn up, and sometimes it is better than Plan A.
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  • 29 Sep 2018 23:50
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    Today I called about a boat about 200 miles away. Not right here in town but still possible to go there and trailer back in a day.

    I made an offer. We agreed on a price. I agreed to meet him on a specific day in the coming week.  He also agreed to email me confirming the deal. I got a text message saying that he will email me confirming the agreement. I was very happy. 

    About 6 hours later I get a text message saying he 'decided to back out of the deal' and that he wants to keep the boat local.

    It is hard to keep a positive attitude after this.


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  • 26 Sep 2018 04:34
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    The dry boat weight is listed at 2000. Someone on the cp site guesses that the 19/3 may weigh up to a couple of hundred lbs more. I’d guess my 19 is maybe 3000 lbs. with trailer, outboard etc. Gear weight can sneak up on you. I don’ know the tongue weights. Hutchins in Florida is still in business making compacs. They are said to be very helpful and answer questions by phone. They could give more accurate information and maybe advise on vehicle specs.

    When I launch and retrieve my wheels are in the water up to the rims even with the trailer extension. Others report launching ok without an extension. My ramp may have a lower slope. The hitch on the truck is out of the water. Pretty sure the trailer coupling is also out.

    I tMost of these trailers have no brakes.  Going any distance the match between your vehicle’s weight and sufficient brakes and the trailer weight becomes important.  Back in school I helped a graduating student move with an econoline van. The Uhual trailer held a lot of weight in books alone. On a long down hill it started pushing the rear of the van to the side. It took weaving over 3 lanes before getting control. That said, a haul at slower speeds and a short distance is different. You may want to Give Hutchins a call

  • 26 Sep 2018 00:51
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    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for getting back to me. The support and interest on this site is amazing.

    I should have asked some more specific questions. If you are able to answer it would be helpful.

    What is the total trailer weight with the boat on it?

    What is the tongue weight with the boat on the trailer?

    What is the tongue weight with the boat on the trailer and the 8' extension attached?

    How far into the water do you need to put the trailer to get the boat floating at the ramp that you use most? Does the coupler on the trailer need to be under water?

    I should have said this before. I have a class III hitch with a 2" ball on the drawbar. I also have a 4 flat wiring harness ready to go. I have been using this setup and a jet ski trailer to get my puddle duck to the lake. The steering and tranny coolers are the things I do not have ready to go.

    Thank you for starting the thread on the other site.


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  • 25 Sep 2018 23:51
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    I don’t know what I can say about towing with your Odyessy. I have a class 3 hitch on my Ford 150 pickup. It attaches to the frame and has a 2 inch ball which is what the trailer accepts. Class two hitches, are lighter and are rated up to 3500 lbs. The shank or bolt on part of two inch ball is a larger diameter than the smaller class two sized balls   If you have a frame the outlook could be better.

    The compac 19 tows easily behind my truck. Empty trucks have poor traction so to haul out I look for a time when the ramp is dry and not near the low tide mark where the slick stuff never drys. Front whee drive should have better traction than the truck. 

    Your specs  call for transmission and steering coolers for the 3500 lb rating. I don,t think towing a few miles would cause overheating but a longer trip especially one with hills could.

    I will post your question on the Compac owner site.A number of long term 19 owners there. Keep an eye out. Also non members can search the site.

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  • 25 Sep 2018 17:52
    Reply # 6692209 on 6677159

    I have thought about a winch on the back end of the car. I did not think the front would work out.

    I looked at the paper manual in the glovebox. I reads just like the screenshot I attached from the online version. As a couple people have said this is clearly up to me to make sure it is right. I am not planning to use "The JRA said it would work!" as an excuse if something goes wrong. And, if anything, it seems the JRA consensus is that this will not work.

    But I do very much appreciate the thoughtful advice..

    Phil --  If you are still following this thread I would appreciate your input. I am about to make an offer on a Com-Pac 19. Do you have any thoughts on towing your boat with a 3.5L V6 minivan?


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  • 25 Sep 2018 13:53
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    Hi Arne,

    at least your  little Jimmy had a chassis, probably of 10 or 12 gauge steel (around 3 mm). The modern car  has a unit construction body and the thickest metal is usually 16 or 18 gauge (1.2 to 1.5 mm) hence my concern with the attachment of a winch. My own car, a Nissan Mistral, has a chassis made from steel  at least 4 mm thick and has a tow bar rated at 2 tons. The car is rated to tow a two and a half  ton trailer and I know that the chassis would support a winch of the size needed to pull a boat up a launching ramp.

    Scott, I suggest that you visit a towing hitch or trailer manufacturer and get some professional advice on what they think your car is capable of towing. Our amateur prognostications are all well and good but you will need to get a tow bar and possibly a winch fitted to your car if you are going to tow a boat of that size. This needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

    All the best, David.

  • 25 Sep 2018 11:56
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I would not be much worried about doing damage to the car by winching a 2-ton trailer up a ramp. Most roads are less steep than 7%, and I doubt if most ramps are steeper than 10-12% (I’ll check the ramp of my harbour next time I am there).

    A 10% slope (and a 2000kg trailer) means that the rope and winch will only have to pull with a force of 2000kg x 0.10 = 200kg force (441 lbs)  -  plus a little rolling resistance. Since the car’s hook is dimensioned to handle hard braking, it will take several times that load.

    If my little car had not had a low enough gear, and thus been too weak to pull up my Frøken Sørensen, I would have gone for a winch.


    PS: Now I checked the launching ramp in Lundsvågen Harbour. I found the angle to be 7.4 degrees, which means just below 13% slope. A 2000kg trailer would then require a pull of 2000 x 0.13 = 260kg force (= 573 lbs). That ramp appears to be neither very steep nor very flat, so it would not surprise me if most ramps are  similar to this one.

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