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  • 22 Jul 2018 15:47
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    a couple days ago I decided to put another coat of tung oil on my rudder blade so yesterday I got to the boat launch without said rudder blade, this worked surprisingly well, really glad someone stole my other rudder, love this design.


  • 01 Jul 2018 19:45
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    Hi All,

    took a few pics and thought I'd put them up.

    unfortunately I set up for the photo op too close to the fence to get a decent picture of the starboard side of the sail.

    Forgot my rudder at the dock a couple weeks ago. surprise surprise it wasn't there when I went back, which was actually a silver lining since I've needed to upgrade the rudder for a while.  I got the design from a set of plans I bought for Michael Storer's goat island skiff, I made the rudder board about a foot longer than it needed to be so I can raise and lower it to balance the boat a bit, the rudder stock is still in the design phase.

    I can't get the luff of the top panel to pull tight, needs a bit of work anyway and I think I may put a small dart in it.

    My Battens are a bit lighter than they're supposed to be and I didn't want to make any holes so I used 1mm dyneema fishing line to seize everything on, 3 wraps on the batton and 3 more around the rope, nothings fallen off, yet :)

    Homemade oars, these are a bit short but they're much handier in the boat than the long ones I had, those got left behind at the dock with the rudder, not at all surprised that they weren't there when I went back.

    have a bit of trouble sheeting the sail in far enough when it's reefed so this rope runs through an eye bolt at each end of the transom and is hooked over the support for the outriggers, I can just pull them tight and hook the bight over the thole pin to bring the sheeting point over to the windward side.

    I have the good fortune to live about a 5 minute walk from a boat launch, so I don't have to derig my sail, just have to dodge a couple of cable vision wires that sag a bit low over the road :) I'm thinking of calling the cable company and complaining, if they'd tighten up those wires I could have a longer mast :D

    I really need to rig something to run my Halyard and yard hauling parel to so I can reach them easily, unfortunately there's not a lot of room or places where it won't get in the way.

    I just realized that the sheetlet for the bottom batton was hooked over the end of the batten when I took the picture, oops, as I figure it the two bottom battens are equal, the third batten (From the bottom) gets twice as much pull as the bottom two, and the top batton gets 4 times as much pull as the bottom two, seems to work anyways.

    Let me know if you notice something done wrong, all constructive criticism is very welcome.



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