Navigator and Venturer Association (NAVA) sadly is no more!

  • 03 May 2018 09:00
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    I'm sorry to hear that, Ken.  I know only too well the incredible difficulty of getting people to volunteer.  Everyone likes that the association exists, but most seem to believe that it's up to someone else to keep it going.  I hope that the NAVA members with junk-rigged boats know that they will be very welcome to come on board the JRA.  It might provide them with the opportunity to keep in touch and maybe organise junkets together.

  • 02 May 2018 23:23
    Message # 6130392

    At the NAVA AGM on April 21st 2018, it was decided to close the association down.   Phil Slader, Elizabeth Bickle and others did great work over the years but sadly a lack of persons willing to take up volunteer roles in the association resulted in this. 

    Approx 10% of Newbridge Venturers and Navigators were built with junk rigs. 


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