Paint and varnish

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  • 24 Mar 2014 09:18
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    Thanks to all for interesting answers

    Annie, is the flatting agent a powder, as the baby talcum that Paul mention? I have planned to roll it on (outdoors among other boats), so the spray-only car paints will not work so well. I will go down to an old paint shop here and see what the keeper has got. Even if he doesn't have so much boat paints, he most probably can give advise on how make the paint matt, (flat?). Anyway, I am in no hurry  -  it is still a bit chilly here  -  I don't think we have seen +10 deg since October, but at least we are in for a nice, calm and sunny week (with almost frost at nights).


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  • 24 Mar 2014 04:06
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    Are you spraying the paint or using a roller/brush?

    If you can spray then lots of matt two pack colours are available through car paint suppliers.  I've used it on 3 boats and it seems to hold up well.  I regularly see on of the boats and the paint job still looks excellent.. 10 years later! Unfortunately these will not work with a roller.


  • 24 Mar 2014 00:41
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    Arne, talcum (baby) powder works just fine as a flattening agent. You do need to experiment to get the amount right.
  • 24 Mar 2014 00:29
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    I didn't have much success with Epifanes two-part gloss varnish, when I used it (admittedly, it spent time in the Tropics) and some matt varnishes have not the same UV inhibitors as the gloss.  An easier choice, Arne, would be too buy a 'flatting agent' as they are called in English.  This is sold to knock the gloss of the paint job. 

    Or, you could sand it all down with 400 grit, once you'd finished ;-)
  • 23 Mar 2014 10:57
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    Matt paint on Frøken Sørensen



    The spring is approaching in Stavanger. On my to-do list is painting the topsides of my Frøken Sørensen. Now, I have found that I much prefer a matt finish to high gloss. The problem is that it seems to be impossible to get matt 2-pot polyurethane paint. I see that Epifanes, which is sold here, makes both high-gloss and matt 2-pot varnish.

    Have anyone tried to apply matt varnish on top of high-gloss paint? Will the result be as if the paint was matt?


    Cheers,  Arne

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