Junk Rigging, Balkan Style... Keep Shunting....

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  • 06 Nov 2023 06:20
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    Hi all, I suppose this last VIDEO (which I cant link, since after pasting URL, I don't have the 'Insert Link' button...) sums up the 'MDS' pretty well.

    The 'Mike Dart System' is the simplest way to sew a JR, since there's no cutting and stitching back together of separate panels, just straight darts, of course your material has to be bigger than the sail itself, therefor the 'MDS' is fit only for Polytarp sails...

    Bottom line, the photos below show a beautiful sail, deep camber and wonderful shape. The Video (which you can Copy and Paste, or search by name in YouTube) explains and shows the Dark Side of the 'MDS', connecting the battens....

    This is the hardest yet the most important task of this system, we stretch the sail out on a wooden frame with small clamps, the battens underneath are fitted, now with long sticks, or with the scaffolding we tap on every crease, as we move the clamps looking for the sweet spot....

    Learning how to do this and getting it done to the best degree possible, took us a couple days, not easy yet one must keep their cool and just keep going, looking for creases and dealing with them. I started in the middle of the sail, got four clamps onto the two battens, once middle panel looked good we went down slowly, stretching and clamping, then from the middle we went up....

    Lucky I'm 49 years old, cos this sail is surely for under 50 year olders....

    Yet I'm very pleased and think I may keep making them this way, since I feel it may be easier than cutting barrels and stitching them back together....

    Keep junking guys, Balkan Shipyards

    The Video's URL: https://youtu.be/hfGQgWKrs8U?si=NjgFKW1YC5f-4gut

    Just Copy and Paste, or search Youtube for: 

    [How to] Tie Your Fenders the Right WayRigging Doctor • 5.1K views10:25
    Hamas starting to 'understand the severity of their situation,' says negotiatorCBC News • 630K views7:00
    Journalist Mariam Barghouti clashes with Sky News’ Mark Austin over Gaza and PalestiniansMiddle East Eye • 848K views2:20
    ‘You guys are sick’: Hamas blasted as a ‘disgrace to Islam’Sky News Australia • 502K views14:49
    See the new weapon Israel is using to fight HamasCNN • 839K views10:14
    Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Anti-Hate' Message Amidst Amid Israel Hamas War Is ViralMojo Story • 2.4M views12:09

    3:35 / 3:35

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  • 02 Nov 2023 11:28
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    Sail done guys, very pleased, easy to stitch, yet very hard to assemble...

    The sail is for under 50ies... As I walk the scaffolding screwing battens from above, Pepi lays under pushing battens up.... 

    Eliminating creases is the name of the game. Stretching the cloth in all directions to a wooden frame placed under luff, leach and head is the only way to achieve a good looking shape. Then carefully find the exact battens place before connecting the two together.

    We stitched the whole sail in 3 hours, but then it took 3 days to put on the Yard and battens....

    Still I like this system, since it's easy to sew, later messing with the battens is kinda fun....

    All d best guys

    Keep Shunting!

    Sailing soon,

    Balkan Shipyards 


  • 27 Oct 2023 05:47
    Reply # 13272246 on 13268870

    Thanks Jan! I too have a good feeling...

    Now stretched out it's flatter and looking good.

    Thanks Graeme, for explaining the deal...

    I will measure camber once aloft and tell u

  • 26 Oct 2023 21:43
    Reply # 13272092 on 13268870
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here it is. (The next one)

    I don't know what you are doing wrong.

    The link for this one is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIqJ2rGxOXI

    I highlighted the word "Here", clicked on the chain link icon, selected "insert link", pasted the link into "website URL or email" field at the top, and finally, clicked on the button at the bottom: "insert link". The word "Here" is now a link. ("May offend some viewers" warning again applies. Still can't see the need for it on a video).

    Just out of interest, Rael - after the sail is deployed in the real situation and fully inflated, use Arne's method to measure the actual camber you have achieved. It will be interesting feedback. 

    (I dare say Arne would advise you to sew some tell-tails on the leech as well. How the sail operates, and laminar flow sticks, at high speed, will be of interest).

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  • 26 Oct 2023 21:37
    Reply # 13272087 on 13268870

    Rael having an F'ing epiphany

    Great video, Rael. Well placed expletives. Our sailing secretary Eric used to fly around the world at 500kn with wings with 12% camber so don't worry about your camber man, looks great. 

  • 26 Oct 2023 19:47
    Reply # 13271992 on 13268870

    Rig is done guys, very pleasing!!!

    It was hard work! this style is hard to flatten, connecting the battens to the stitched sail is is fine art... 

    I cant link the next video, after it there's another couple, u will see a fine sail with very fine camber.

    The VID is on TouTube, just type: Thanks Hardy, U saved our sail...

    Please link it here, could somebody explain, after I paste the URL, how do I continue? There's no NEXT or some button that will take me ahead....

    Keep Junking guys, Balkan Shipyards

  • 22 Oct 2023 05:54
    Reply # 13270142 on 13268870
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here it is.

    I don't know why it wouldn't link.

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  • 22 Oct 2023 05:22
    Reply # 13270139 on 13268870

    Hi guys. 

    Just before we stitch it all up....

    The Vid shows how much bigger the Tarp is than the Model.

    I can't link it here, something's maybe wrong, please check why I cant link???

    Just go 2 d TUBE guys, and search for:  The Mike Dart Style, or 'MDS' by Balkan Shipyards

    The sail is done, so we can keep going...

    Next, I mess up!!! Balkan Style...

    So all good!

    Keep Junking,

    Balkan Shipyards

    The Mike Dart Style, or 'MDS' by Balkan Shipyards


  • 20 Oct 2023 19:52
    Reply # 13269843 on 13268870
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    "I actually get motion sickness sometimes watching the clips!"

    I don’t think that’s motion sickness Jan, maybe it’s the toxic paint fumes getting to you. I feel it too at times … there seems to be something in the air at Balkan Shipyards … I dunno whaddit is guys … whaddever … which is having a wonderful calming effect on the mind, luckily for the workshop cat.

    (Patrick makes a good point too. Having made a not very successful attempt, late in life, to acquire a second language, I can only admire the fluency of all of our members who are bi-lingual and in many cases using the language more effectively than some modern-day native speakers. Languages are continuously evolving too, of course – to the chagrin of us grumpy old coots who think we would like to "maintain standards". it’s an interesting subject when you stop to think about it).

    Anyway, you’ve now had the health warning folks – breath deeply, put in a reef, and enjoy the next episode coming to you from the one and only Balkan Shipyards.

    And also maintain pride in the congenial, if slightly less colourful tone of the JRA forums.

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  • 20 Oct 2023 18:52
    Reply # 13269813 on 13268870

    Hi junkists friends, from all nationalities.

    I would like, very humbly and politely, point that non-native english speakers have to be somewhat forgiven for some misuses of this noble language.

    Some of them (- us) learned a very little bit at school, then by working with foreigners, sometimes not of high extraction (in my case, sailors and roughnecks - rig-pigs, as they called us in the North Sea) and not necessarily with native-english speakers.

    Add to this, further english education gained watching popular american movies (f... off, you f...ing f...!) and then making the best out of it.

    Sorry if I ventured a little off-topic...

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