Wanted: Metal JR cruiser / live-a-board

  • 30 Jun 2019 18:48
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    I'm a newbie to sailing and finished my RYA Day-Skipper recently and I'm now looking for a boat with which I can do ocean crossings and long term cruising with max 2-3 crew (it needs a lot of learning before that will happen). If possible anywhere in Europe.

    Some hard facts of the (non existing?) ideal boat I'd like to have:

    - Metal hull. Preferably steel because that's a material I'm used to work with.

    - I would like a Junk Rig but a cat ketch (maybe with an option to change to JR later) would be also ok.

    - Headroom (I'm 185cm / 6' 2"). Since its supposed to be a live-a-board.

    - Size: about 27 to 40 feet, whereas 40 is quite big already.

    - As easy as can get for solo handed sailing.

    - Things that would be nice to have: insulated hull, low draft, unstayed mast(s), shower down below,

    Budget: about 30000€ max. If it is really an almost complete and up to date bluewater boat it could be also a little more. I'm also willing -and would like- to do some repairing on a boat but not if it takes much more than one season to get things running.

    Just to give you an idea what I'm aiming for: I had a look at only one boat until now: Rehnert cat ketch, beside that I was interested in Zefka (guess I was to slow in the end) and this Murray cat ketch with a nice cor10 steel hull.

    Please let me know if you are interested to sell or know any offer that could fit.

    Thank you :)



  • 03 Jul 2019 07:24
    Reply # 7733766 on 7708944

    Non-members can contact me via: manorah@gmx.de

    Otherwise: Any suggestions or advice is highly welcome. :)

    And to the new owner of Zefka: please let me know if you change your mind ;)


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