S2 6.7 Junk Rig Conversion

  • 12 Mar 2019 08:48
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    Whether it is good enough or not, depends on who is judging it. All I can say it that I could not make it better than that.

    So keep up the good work!


  • 11 Mar 2019 21:25
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    I cut out one panel. I hope it is in the 'good enough' league.

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  • 25 Feb 2019 14:12
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    OK! Thank you both for the very quick responses.

  • 25 Feb 2019 08:58
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    V69 is plenty strong enough, and you will enjoy how a bobbin full of thread lasts a lot longer than with V92, when you are sewing long seams. I made Weaverbird's current sail, of quite heavy cloth, with V69, and it's fine.

    Don't worry, be happy!

  • 25 Feb 2019 08:27
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    I would say that V-92 thread is bordering to oversize. I bet V-69 is plenty good enough. I just decided to use the thickest thread my Pfaff 360 would take. I have repaired a number of seams of old sails and sprayhoods, and just thought that thicker is better. The V69 thread is probably what a sailmaker would recommend.


    don't worry, be happy!


    PS: Don't forget that the stretch in the middle of a junksail is much lower than in an ordinary sail of the same size. As long as you get a good boltrope on, which takes most of the loads, the rest of the sail will live an easy life.

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  • 25 Feb 2019 01:30
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    My order of Weathermax 65 (LT) should be here in a few days. In preparation I have been carefully studying the photos and comments in Arne's 'Ingeborg, photos from the construction of the sail' photo album here.

    The thread I ordered is V-69 polyester as shown here. I am now concerned that I should have gone with V-92 thread. It looks like V-92 is approximately the size Arne used. Several sail making resources such as sailrite suggest that V-69 is for outdoor furniture and V-92 should be used for sail making.

    I would rather not buy an additional, and even more costly, spool of thread but I absolutely do not want to ruin my sail project by using the wrong thread.

    Does anyone have a strong opinion on if I should use the V-69 or NOT use the V-69?

  • 07 Feb 2019 13:31
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    Anonymous wrote:

    [...] I suggest you make a test piece which is exactly to Arne's method B seam and batten pocket, but with straight edges. It need only be a foot or so long. Lay two pieces of cloth a foot square one on top of the other, and sew with straight stitch 3/4in from the edge (no more) to join them. Cut a piece of cloth a foot long, and wide enough to make a pocket 20% bigger than your batten diameter - I'm guessing 7in. Stitch this on according to method B, either straight or zigzag stitch. If you can do this, you can make a sail according to Arne's methods. [...]

    Done. After making this mock up I have some confidence back. I understand the value of keeping the seam allowance (no idea what the sail making term would be, if there is one) for joining the panels smaller, 3/4", as you suggested. Thank you David, and Arne.

    Now I need to get in the right state of mind to click 'order' and actually buy the cloth. The vendor does not seem interested in giving me any quantity breaks, so I think I may order 25 linear yards and then make a second order if (when?) I mess up a panel so bad that the cloth must be discarded.

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  • 04 Feb 2019 16:30
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    My rule of thumb is the nett area x 1.6, which would come out at 25 linear yards. I think you're about right, given that when you're not used to sailmaking (or even when you are), there's a risk of needing to re-make a panel.

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  • 04 Feb 2019 15:23
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    I am ready to order some cloth. I am thinking I need 29 yards of the WM65. It is 61 inches wide. Is this a good amount for the 22 sq meter sail I plan to build, including batten pockets? Is this maybe too much or not enough?

  • 03 Feb 2019 21:01
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    Flat or zig-zag, both works. All my sails have been constructed with zig-zag only. My main reason has been that it is so much quicker to rip a faulty zig-zag seam…


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