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  • 06 Jul 2011 02:50
    Reply # 644639 on 644008
    Deleted user
    But it was worth it. You got in 2 sails and a hunk of SS for the price of a head gasket.
  • 05 Jul 2011 11:23
    Message # 644008
    A bit over a week ago I did my own little road trip of around 1,300 kms there and back. A friend had offered a Pushpit and Pulpit to me for free and if I went down to collect them there was a good chance of a sail on his Folkboat Pipsqueak. Well the trip down was fine and the stay was tops. No sailing but some fine motoring around sightseeing on the bay at Port Stephens. On the Sunday we went out on another friends 38 ft Cat and did some whale watching, we saw around 30 Humpbacks. Just magnificient  creatures. The rails turned out to be pretty much what I had hoped and the Pushpit will just need widening by 840mm and it will be perfect. The drive home started ominously when I had real trouble getting the Ute to start but once warmed up it seemed fine. Sadly though by the time I managed to get home it was blowing smoke, running rough and generally not happy. The diagnosis is a blown headgasket...$$$ ouch!
    But such is life.
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