Who's coming to Roscoff? (16 July)

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  • 14 Jul 2022 16:04
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    I should update my own status....  many of you will know that Greylag has a leak at the P bracket.  I didn't feel it was seamanlike to cross the channel in her condition, so she is back in her home basin.  I am attending by the ferry from Plymouth.

    I gather that Fly, China Blue, Ming Ming and Lexia are all there, probably Frk.Xand

  • 09 Jul 2022 17:06
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Bonjour Bruno

    Havve a nice stay in Horta and a good passage home.



  • 09 Jul 2022 13:58
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    Sorry guys, we just arrived in Horta, Azores and we will not be in Roscoff on the 16 th of July. Enjoy Brittany.

  • 02 Jul 2022 14:31
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    Greylag has started her journey.  I'm transmitting AIS, so you'll see me rolling around in Ramsgate at the moment.  The winds from tomorrow are relentlessly from the West, so it'll be a slow journey.  I have a weedy bottom, and with an undersized mast I'm being rather careful about how much canvas I raise.  In these conditions, I'm daysailing harbour to harbour.  See you soon(ish)!


  • 01 Jul 2022 13:21
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    The long range forecast is starting to cover the time prior to the Roscoff junket. It's actually looking quite reasonable for the voyage I had planned to do from Ireland, but not so brilliant for slogging along the south coast of England. Bon Voyage to all the boats!

    Do any of the boats have Garmin trackers or AIS that we can follow? Lakatao does have AIS but was last reported in Guadaloupe so it's probably not being picked up mid-Atlantic. 

  • 25 Jun 2022 10:52
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    As the date is moving closer I’m getting more and more excited! Looking forward to meeting you! Also as regards to coming with a not quite finished junk rig; I can’t wait to see it as it’ll give me tonnes of inspiration for when I finally start my own conversion.

    kind regards,


  • 24 Jun 2022 18:27
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    Anyone else fancy crossing over for this rather fun looking junket?

    Greylag will be leaving the Thames Estuary next weekend, and making her way west along the S coast.  As I pass through the Solent (6 Jul?  9 Jul?), Mr Fox will be joining me, and we will sail in loose company westwards.  We'll cross straight to Roscoff from Brixham or Plymouth of Falmouth - it depends what the wind's doing.

    Can I tempt anyone else on the South Coast to join us?  Go on - you know you want to!

  • 19 Jun 2022 16:01
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)


    The expected boats at the Junket are :

    China Blue




    Mr Fox

    and perhaps (she is sailing accross the Atlantic) Lakatao.

    Others may still join us.

    The playing grounds are presented in joined files.


    2 files
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  • 08 Jun 2022 15:46
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Zachary wrote:

    Thanks for getting back to me, hearing that, I might bring some home brewed mead to show my appreciation! Always open to learning about why someone’s boat is the best; which decisions they’ve made and how, and to look out for ideas that I can mull over. Anyway, I don’t want to shove this thread off topic so I’ll shush, but I’m looking forward to it (the meet not the shushing).

    Zachary, no need to worry about pushing the thread off topic - discussing the junket is exactly on topic! 

    You will be very welcome to come and look at Greylag.  But, I'm afraid I have to disagree with Annie - I won't be telling you my boat is best, because I know it isn't!  The boat is still part way through her conversion and refit - it has the wrong mast (from my 18 footer conversion) and thus can only carry half the sail.  But sometimes a half finished boat can be more interesting! 

    I'm starting to get quite excited!  Eric's plans are looking very good.  And it's only just over three weeks before I set off

  • 07 Jun 2022 22:35
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    Anonymous wrote:
    Anonymous wrote:
    Jan wrote:

    Annie, have you got any wise advice about avoiding a faux pas when you buy a bottle of wine for a discerning French boat owner? ( I'm thinking stick to Martinique rum!)

    Only a Frenchman can drink most Martinique rum!  The rest of us can't swallow it, although the best St James is the exception to the rule.  Hmm, tricky.  What about whisky?  (Without the 'e')  That usually goes down well and shouldn't cause too many xenophobic dramas!

    Frenchmen don't drink Martinique rum dry !

    The most often way is the "petit punch" with sugar-cane sirup and grenn lemon juce but I would prefer a nice "Planteur" with a mix of Martinique juce (mango, papaye...). Very dangerous because you don't fill the alcoolic level of the micture.


    So much to develop on that topic!
    Being married to a Martinique woman, I have also happily adopted the local beverages, quite accurately described by Eric.
    Concerning wine, I don't believe any french citizen woud be offensed by any kind of wine offerred, would it be from anywhere in the world. Or at least, I for one would'nt!
    And to conclude, my saying is that what's important is not the wine you drink, but the people you drink it with.
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