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    I suggest you look up the Pilmer sheeting, either in PJR if you have it, or in Junk Rig for Beginners, p.4. Make the two identical  sets of sheetlets, as shown there.  Then, unlike the rest of the Pilmer sheeting, tie each of these sheetlets  to an independent sheet. These two sheets are then terminated close to each other on the stern of the boat. For the top sheet I would consider a 3-part purchase, and for the lower section a 2-part sheet should do.

    On a schooner in Stavanger, Samson, the 70sqm mainsail is sheeted like that, except that the upper sheet has 4-part purchase and the lower 3-part. In light winds, both sheets are grabbed as one, while in stronger winds the skipper alternately hauls a little on the upper and then the lower part.

    Good luck!

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    I have tried searching the forum with no success...

    Is there info available on how to build a double (top/bottom) sheeting system for a Hasler/Arne-type of sail?

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