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  • 15 Mar 2017 00:03
    Reply # 4667012 on 4648722

    Peter, going back to your question of keep battens...

    Issue 71, June '16, Paul Fay of Ti Gitu wrote about doing away with his keep battens and finding that no problems resulted. Battens are bolted to the webbing at each end, and the eyelets are every 12" with a single lashing. Done good for 14 years which is what i want to hear as I quite like the idea of lashing for our conversion to 50+ square metre junk sloop on ANNIE. While cable ties sound like a quick job, they don't really do it for me aesthetically, and I'm a sucker for a bit of sailorising now and then... 


    p.s. great article about epoxy. Will be in touch about Biosolv. Any thinner/cleaner that doesnt make my skin want to stand on end must be a Good Thing! Years of carefree use of gum turps and pine tar caught up on me.

  • 14 Mar 2017 18:08
    Reply # 4666376 on 4648722

    Yes, because the "boom" is in fact just another batten. However, if it's hinged and able to bend in all directions, care has to be taken to support it when the sail is reefed. I use a topping lift span attached to each of the forward and after parts of the batten, so as to keep them more or less in line horizontally.

  • 14 Mar 2017 16:15
    Reply # 4666147 on 4648722
    Deleted user

    Thank you David.

    Do you have the boom hinged as well? 

  • 09 Mar 2017 17:12
    Reply # 4657058 on 4657023
    Vlad Sokolsky wrote:


    How many hinges like that do you have in one batten? 

    Two hinges, at 30% and 55% of the batten length. Each half-angle is now 5 degrees, so 20 degrees of deflection in all.
  • 09 Mar 2017 16:35
    Reply # 4657023 on 4648722
    Deleted user


    How many hinges like that do you have in one batten? 

  • 06 Mar 2017 23:55
    Reply # 4651734 on 4651694
    Arne Kverneland wrote:

    I tried to make up for my too simple drawing by saying that the ties formed half-hitches…

    of course!
    but i thought – with the sail between it – someone could lose the exact track of the line…


  • 06 Mar 2017 23:32
    Reply # 4651694 on 4648722
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks Ueli

    for making the drawing clearer. I tried to make up for my too simple drawing by saying that the ties formed half-hitches, which was to avoid the problem you spotted.


  • 06 Mar 2017 18:52
    Reply # 4651174 on 4648722

    hi chris

    thanks for the fix! – i just got around to place a thumbnail. (didn't work with 'iron'. i had to switch to another browser…)


  • 06 Mar 2017 18:16
    Reply # 4651073 on 4648722


    edited your edit to stop text spilling off the page.


  • 06 Mar 2017 18:08
    Reply # 4651063 on 4648722

    hi arne

    i edited your image a little bit, just to fight a possible accident – hope this is ok.

    make sure to interlace the lines!

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