Benford Dory 26 for sale in Norway

  • 27 Jun 2018 01:16
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    I would like to sell my junk-rigged Benford Dory 26, Gecko.  I want a boat about one tenth the displacement.

    Buying a boat unseen from abroad is a bit dicey, so I would recommend that if you are seriously interested, you come to Norway for a holiday, and sail the boat for a week.  

    However, the boat has neither chain locker nor windlass.  Previous owners either sailed exclusively from moorings or planned to carry the anchor and rode to the fore deck in a bucket.  For as long as I had time only for day sailing, I took my time to think about the best solution, and so haven't done anything yet.  If you want to try the boat, and sensibly insist that it must be possible to anchor it, contact me to discuss what to do.

    i will upload pictures once I have worked out how to do so.

  • 27 Jun 2018 08:35
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    Oh your lovely Gecko!  What a darling. If I weren't half way through building SibLim I'd be on the next flight out!

    On Jay's drawings, there is an anchor locker by the mast, designed to be self-draining. The mast goes through it, so I guess you'd seal it off as carefully as you would a mast that can drip into the accommodation.

    If you look towards the bottom of the left hand column of buttons (in fact, the ante penultimate button) you will see Help. There are instructions there on how to post photos. However, WA now allows you to add up to 20 files to your post, which you do in just the same way as if you were adding attachments to an email. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more photos of this boat!

  • 27 Jun 2018 13:43
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    I have seen her in Trondheim (but unfortunately did not manage to meet with Robert), she is a lovely boat, very suitable for one or a couple.  Also a fantastic cruising area, almost worth buying just for that.   I do agree that at 3T? a bit over my ideal displacement for single handed sailing, without a decent inboard - 1.5T would be my preferred maximum, and certainly no inboard.

    Robert, did you ever get an outboard?  And perhaps mention the price you would like. 

    Best of luck with the sale, someone will get a bargain.  And then, what is the next project? 

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