• 12 Jun 2018 22:23
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    I can't sell the mast and sail because it belongs with the boat but the boat is my home if anyone is keen to swap for sailing boat with lifting keel rig not required cos I'll junk it. I would swap for my kingfisher Jr I don't drive and live aboard so I can't sell and then look for another I realise this is a bit impractical

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  • 13 Jun 2018 02:48
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    Hi Robert. Your previous posts were split up between the "Introduction" thread, and the "Hinged masts and sliding sleeve" thread. 

    So readers can remember: the boat was a Kingfisher 22 with a junk rig.

    Robert previously wrote:

    i am a new member with a junk rigged boat I been struggling with putting a hinge and realise sprit sail is probably best (thames barge style) so I'm on the wrong site I've put an ad up to sell my rig I am currently pedalling inland waterways (pushing lexia with my pedal powered cabin cruiser) I realy wanted junk but the hinge problem seems too big for me I'd pay for off shelf solution but none seems to exist

    As I understand it, you are now looking for another boat, with a lifting keel?

    And you don't need it to have a rig, because you will convert it to junk rig?

    I hope I got that right. It is a little bit unclear what you are offering in exchange.

    Good luck, hope you find a suitable boat.

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  • 14 Jun 2018 08:10
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    I am offering a kingfisher junk rig in exchange 

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