Wanted: 27 to 30 foot Junk Rigged Sloop near Michigan, USA

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  • 04 May 2017 17:51
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    Hi Scott,

    Turns out the boat is still for sale – it's 9 m long, with a more traditional style hull. It's either a variation on one of these, or one of the actual plans: JONQUE DE PLAISANCE The owner says he is going to list it next week, after he finishes moving.
    I so know what you mean about Facebook – I finally caved last year, because of an event being organized through it that I was involved with. I do like it for groups… You could always make up a name, as others have done, just as a way to read what's out there. That way you would have access to the information about this boat before it goes out all over the place, just in case you like it. And we would be happy to have you in the junk rig Facebook group!

    Anyway, if/when the listing comes out I'll put a link here.



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