• 19 Oct 2015 14:06
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    Having paid close attention to the exotic fabrics, Odyssey, Top Gun etc, others have been using for junk sails, I decided to use, er, sailcloth. 

    My decision came about for economic reasons - a  firm advertising on eBay was offering Haywards' old stock at an attractive price. Not Sunwing, but a much harder fabric, so much so that I cut myself on an edge. It proved difficult to work with as well. On the positive side, 90 sq metres cost around £400. The seller trades on eBay as englishseadog. Contact by phone for larger quantities: +44 1305 457500.

    I am aware that cambered sails place heavy loads on the yards and hope mine are strong enough. Running before a breeze that lifted spray off the crests the other day provided a stern test; no bending of the yards was observed. So far, so good.

    Thank you for your kind remarks.


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  • 18 Oct 2015 20:32
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    Gosh, your sails looks very, very good and I love the new colour scheme.  Go Bold, eh?  What did you use for sailcloth (just been to your Profile and forgot to check, but others might be interested, anyway.)

    Alan, on Zebedee, also leads the sheet back along the boom, like we did on Badger.  He reckons it acts a bit like a downhaul and spoils the set of the sail a bit, but the convenience is worth it.  He, incidentally, has broken both his wooden yards since converting to cambered sails and feel that the strong pull of the control lines has caused this.  It might be worth having a 'chat' with him about this, via email.  Sailing for days on end, with no-one one deck constantly watching what's happening is very different from coastal sailing, as you well know.

    It's more years than I care to think about since I was in N Spain, but it's an area I remember very fondly.  I hope you have time to explore it all when you go back there.  I'm so pleased that you finally went ahead with the conversion: it may encourage some other people ;-), although I guess Pat will be peeved that PassePatu is no longer the only JR Wylo.

  • 17 Oct 2015 11:57
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    I've uploaded a few, Paul, but early days yet and I don't have any action shots of her sailing. I'll do some editing this Winter and hope to be able to upload some thrilling movie footage in due course. 

  • 17 Oct 2015 01:33
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    Asmat, How about some photos? :-)

  • 16 Oct 2015 12:31
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    In reply to your question under a different heading, very well. Sea trials commenced in Chichester Harbour at the beginning of September and are progressing well here in Baiona, Galicia. After running the gamut of conditions from glassy to near gale, I'm beginning to feel the conversion has been a success.

    Before you ask, I'll write the story for the magazine soon. 

    I'm following your progress with SibLim with interest. Good luck!


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