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  • 12 Jun 2016 17:37
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    Just noticed (it may have been around a while) that there's now a link on the Members' Home Page (here) to the final version of this. It's something we kick-started back when I was web-mastering, er two/three years ago. Great to see that the project finally landed. Well done all.

    However, some of the entries are said to be awaiting completion. Are you sure this is the correct link?

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  • 12 Jun 2016 18:19
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    Work in progress .. bit like the Forth Road Bridge.


  • 12 Jun 2016 20:27
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    Hi Brian,

    The "Common Terms" section is complete, A – Z. I see now that there is a bit of a muddle after the "Common Acronyms" section, with blank pages and a couple of notes, before the proper pages pick up again at Common Formulas and Ratios. Oh dear! Passing back and forth in the editing and proofreading process would be the culprit, no doubt, with a slipup that didn't get caught, after previous readings that were all in order.

    The state of the project, other than going back and sorting out those messed up pages, is that it is now ready to hand off to the next inspired group, whenever they come along. Possible avenues for expansion have been included, and of course the "Common Terms" section is always open to discussion and future revision. This has indeed been a long project!

    The current editorial team is continuing to monitor the feedback e-mail address as well as the JR Glossary forum, though at this time there are no immediate plans for further work. Except for that I now have immediate plans to fix the messed up pages, and really appreciate you pointing out that the whole business really did not look finished!


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