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  • 13 Feb 2014 20:29
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    Have you heard about this?  Members who are keen to try out a junk-rigged boat, or would like to find crew, can use this facility to find what they need.  The way to get there is to go Members Area/Sailing Services and then to click on one of the lists to see who, in your area, fits the bill.  Like most online dating services, we provide the wherewithal, but expect members to follow through without having their hands held.

    If you want to meet new junkies, or sail a junk-rigged boat, why not:
    • post on a forum (this thread would be ideal)
    • go through the membership list and phone, email or write to a potential candidate
    • go along to a junket and meet people
    • arrange a junket.

    You might well find someone in your area who hasn't volunteered, but would be interested anyway.  Get out there and meet your fellow junkies!

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  • 11 Mar 2014 20:30
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    Thanks Annie.(Do you ever get the feeling that your Join In posts go unread? Well I read 'em.)

    You didn't mention (probably because you had forgotten, as had I) that if members go to Directories > Sailing Services they can make use of single-click pop-up lists as follows:

    Members willing to offer familiarisation sails on junk rigged boats (currently 81)
    Skippers of junk rigged boats seeking regular crew (11)
    Members seeking a berth as crew (33)

    Each list contains useful info, such as where members and boats are based. Obviously we can give no guarantee that such info is up to date, because the accuracy of profiles is in the hands of members!

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  • 11 Mar 2014 23:48
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    Good of you to point this out, Brian, to all the avid fans of the dating agency.  But as you suggest, with the exception of your good self (and other website admins) I don't think anyone ever reads these posts.

  • 27 Mar 2015 17:05
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    Deleted user

    What a fantastic resource. I decided to stop researching and lurking and get my feet wet, so last Saturday night I sent an e-mail to 4 local JR owners who were willing to offer initial JR familiarisation. After a couple of e-mails, only 37 hours later, on Monday morning, I was on board Lexia, in Dartmouth learning all about Junk Rigs with Jonathan Snodgrass.  We spent the first part of the morning raising, trimming, reefing and lowering sails as there was no wind. Then went for a sail out to sea for 3 hours or so and sailed up the river to Dittisham. The best thing was tacking into Dartmouth entrance and up the river whilst drinking Tea and eating with no interruption to our conversation. All of my anticipated delights with the Junk Rig were fully realised, this is definitely the way forward for me. And the best Speed Dating Service ever.  Thanks Jonathan. 

  • 11 Jul 2016 08:21
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    I am currently on holiday in Whangerei for the next week, and was hoping to meet up to see some junk rigged boats if possible. I've read a lot about Junk rigs and it would be great to actually see a junk rig in real life.

    I would also love to help with some boat building...

    A short introduction, I was born in South Africa, spent a long time in London and currently live in the Swiss mountains. I am hoping to move to NZ next year, get a junk rigged boat, learn to sail, then explore the Pacific with the goal of sailing to Tahiti.


  • 11 Jul 2016 22:19
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    Hi Roger and welcome to Whangarei.  Thank heavens the sun has come out.

    To find a real, live, singing and dancing junk (ie one afloat) your best bet is the Town Basin.  Martin is on Tystie, there and mehitabel is just downstream on pile moorings.  At least that is my latest information.  Their contact details should be in their profiles, otherwise I'll contact them on your behalf. My number's in my profile.  Fantail and Arcadian are at Kissing Point, also on piles.  Blondie is down in McLeods Bay (Whangarei Heads).  Ashore at Norsand, (Fraser St), you will find Peace Haven, Aphrodite and Passepatu and I'm building in Marcus's shed (the one with windows).  The building is neither exciting nor inviting at the moment - sanding and fairing and lots of dust!  But you are very welcome to come and 'talk junks'.

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