EU 'Web Accessibility' Compliance

  • 03 Oct 2013 17:59
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    1 To review the 'EUROPA web accessibility' compliance regulations
    2 To decide whether we want to comply or move towards compliance
    3 If so, recommend how.

    Bringing this project down to earth, Lesley Verbrugge says, "I read a series of articles about screen-readers and how a badly laid-out website can be a pain for them. My friend is dyslexic and uses them so we're not just talking physically disabled. I'm not suggesting an overhaul of the site, maybe 'from now on' new pages could be optimised and core pages reviewed over time. I'll look into it."

    Webmaster recently ran a scan on the site to see what its 'robot' perceived as accessibility weaknesses. We scored 0 out of 10 - legibilty, color choice, font choice and size, site navigation) etc. Using a provider such as Wild Apricot limits our options anyway, but discussion is needed about things that are within our ability to change in order to make the experience better for those with accessibility challenges, keeping in mind that modern Windows and Mac OS systems (Linux?) include accessibility features, and that Wild Apricot's spring 2014 software update may provide new features that we can use.
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