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  • 03 Oct 2013 17:53
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    1 To see if there is any demand from members for non-English versions of published articles
    2 If so, to establish which languages we could tackle
    3 To find members to do such translations, or to pay for such.
    4 To upload to the site, publicise, and perhaps feature some in the Magazine.

    Research, consult, headhunt, basic web and computer skills

    There has been some discussion on the site recently about whether the site could or should go multi-lingual. Most thought unnecessary: the site works well in English, we don't have the time/resources to monitor multi-lingual posts, and Google Translate was not thought to be a useful tool in this context.

    Translations of key documents might be useful, though. One of Arne Kverneland's has been translated into French. Interestingly we don't seem to have uploaded a Norwegian version (Arne's native language)!
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