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  • 03 Oct 2013 17:25
    Message # 1404112
    1 To check that the book list in our Library pages is up to date and accurate
    2 To improve the look of those pages
    3 Perhaps to automate the book request system

    Liaise with the custodian of the books (Robin Blain) re item 1 above. Update the web page so that it matches the physical stock. Update book descriptions as necessary. Perhaps research online library systems for which would enable members to request a book and receive it with outward postage payments made via Paypal.

    Anthony Cook began this job some time ago using hjis own software. He produced a promising demo, but couldn't find the time to finish. We could take the view that this project is redundant as we are in the process of digitising the Library books; however some may prefer reading the physical book to reading it on a screen. Whatever, the Library pages need an update, with ongoing updates as new digitisations come in.
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