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  • 03 Oct 2013 00:00
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    1 To produce a database of boom, yard and batten specifications - length, thickness etc - that proved successful.
    2 To upload to the site and publicise
    3 To produce a slimmed down version for the magazine

    Research. Database/spreadhseet design and production. Uploading to the site and publicising.

    We already have a Mast Database downloadable from here (scroll down to its entry) together with a project to update it (Mark Thomasson?) and to produce a slimmed down version for the magazine (David Chiddell). We could also research and produce a Spars Database. Barry Stellricht has privately done some work on this; as far as I know it isn't yet published though may have been made available to some members. Like the Mast Database it meant/means digging into members' profiles to extract relevant data.
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