Membership List and Worldwide Pie Chart

  • 02 Oct 2013 23:22
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    Project type: Web

    1 To update our printable and downloadable membership lists and produce a worldwide Pie chart every three months.
    2 To upload them to the site.

    Export the site database.
    Edit and format the spreadsheet. Convert to a pdf and upload.
    Generate a pie chart of members' locations from the spreadsheet and upload.

    WA's online software automatically updates our membership records as people join and leave. The online version and downloadable pdf can be seen via the above link. The latter is not generated automatically by WA. Lynda Chiddell and Lesley Verbrugge currently work together to produce this from the live data. Lesley will be cruising some of the time so an understudy to help with that would be useful.
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