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  • 03 Jan 2021 22:15
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    Greeting to you as well, Karl, and may you have many happy sailing days next summer.  Thank you for the interesting report and photographs.

  • 03 Jan 2021 12:33
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    In Austrian Winter one is so far away from sailing that it

    only happens in the internet and for me in this forum and

    other boat forums. I found out that I have not shared my

    splashing of my boat with the JRA members which I want to

    do now. Here I got the boat ready for towing to the lake.

    But before that I towed it to be weighed and took the following

    picture just to find out that my carefully made companion way

    top made from okoume which was just lying on top without any

    rail or fastening was blown away by the wind and the speed of

    the car and not to be found again.

    I had to make a new companionway roof which now slides forward

    on alu rails but because I had no more okoume I made it quickly

    from normal wood and without any camber because I want to replace

    it later with okoume again.

    Then came the christening at the lake with my family members

    and close friends in puring rain, so we did not sail the boat at all at

    the lake shore.

    In the year before that I made an outing onto the water with my

    family and no sail just moving around a bit with the elctric

    outbord motor.

    Then I made the sail according to the PJR book and placed it in the

    garden against the house held near the mast top through the top

    floor window and guarded by a rather lazy helper at the bottom.

    The next test was also in the garden with the boat already

    on the trailer.

    And then came the first sail with my son Gerhard and next to

    no wind on the lake. We had 3 hours in hot sun to eat all the

    sandwiches and have colddrinks and 2 beers  which I took along

    in the cooler bag and I really enjoyed it.

    Ready for the first sailing launch

    and one more with me the proud builder

    And then already in the far distance in front of the

    beautiful mountain Traunstein.

    After the first sail at the board walk.

    And for getting back into my garden I mounted a tow ball

    on the front of the car at the towing eye because I am

    completely free of talent for reversing a car with a boat

    trailer at the back.

    And now I wish you all a Happy New Year

    Greetings from Karl ( Austria )

    All pictures of my build you find under AD14 in the following link:


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