Conversion project - Trismus 37

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  • 27 Nov 2020 19:55
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    Hello all,

    The current circumstances are not favorable to boat projects, so I try to take advantage to build up the plans and improve the preparation for a conversion that will take place, hopefully, not too long down the road.

    I like this boat, a Trismus 37, centerboard with some keel, designed a while ago for ocean voyages. My project is for life onboard, and long distance on ... not that high budget. So I need simplicity for autonomy.

    I have been looking around on the site and am more and more convinced that my next boat (third after a 33ft sloop and a 43ft ketch) will be a junk rig. I am hence thinking of converting a Trismus 37 to junk.

    I would be happy to have some opinions given the characteristics of the boat ?

    After reading a recent thread about the conversion of a 36ft boat,  I am afraid 1 mast would have a sail a bit too large. Original has 65 to 75 sqm for 11.8m or 13.5m tall mast.

    I have tried to play with images pasting from images of Ron Glas (sorry for the blasphemy). Nothing serious in terms of calculations though.

    Positions of the masts I tried on the drawing are more related to the interior layout than on real data. I don't have much choice due to the centerboard position.

    So 2 masts, equal size or forward sail smaller ? I would prefer 2 equal masts to have identical sails.

    I try to put a link to pics of the original plans of a Trismus 37. First time i do that so I'm note sure.



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