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  • 12 May 2021 19:26
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    Howdy y'all

    Thought I'd check and give you a quick update. My sail is all done with. Got a couple lacing gromits to put in but other then that... 

    Making a second attempt at my lower mast partner. I think I have got a better idea on how to cut out an octagonal shape. This time I will be using a router instead of a jigsaw. 

    Today I will be making some shims for the thing.

    The wether here in Chicago is looking up. Still not warm enough for epoxy thoug, won't be much longer.

    I will be taking a break from building soon as I will be out hiking this year. I got 3,600 miles to cover on foot through the Rocky mountain range in central United States. From the Canadian border in Montana to the Mexican border in New Mexico! 

    If the mountains were the sea, high up on the Waves is where I'd be!

    After that I'll be dragging the boat down to Florida to finish he up! 

    All the best till then 

    Hot Dog

  • 22 Jan 2021 08:34
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    Thank you David T, and David W

    I got it all worked out. Those pictures are very helpful!!! Time to start sewing! Woooo

  • 17 Jan 2021 15:58
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    Paul, that's one of my personal photo albums. To look at any of my other albums, or to look at the photo albums of any other member, just click on their name where it's an underlined link (in a forum or in the members directory). Here's mine:

    David Tyler

    Scroll down to the bottom to see my albums.

  • 17 Jan 2021 13:27
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    David, where do I find the rest of the album pics in members sidebar? Following all this with awe at the knowledge base on here.

  • 17 Jan 2021 08:23
    Reply # 9870260 on 9327660

    Jeffrey, have a look at this photo album. Photo 5 gives proportions for a pocket for a 32mm dia batten, which you could scale to another size.

  • 17 Jan 2021 07:51
    Reply # 9870244 on 9327660

    No. They are called D shaped pockets because the vertical straight side is the sail and the curve allows for the top, bottom and other side of the batten. Allow a bit extra so that the batten is a little loose in the pocket.

    All the best with the project, David.

  • 16 Jan 2021 17:47
    Reply # 9869135 on 9327660

    Time to start cutting out some fabric!!!

    A couple of questions about batten pockets before I get going.

    I'm going to be using the D-shaped pockets. I would assume that I will need to add a bit of extra material into the sail to accommodate the thickness of the batten. My thought is to add material 1/2 of the circumference of the batten, or 1/4 of the circumference to the batten edge of each panel

    Then make the pocket "strip of material" the with of the other 1/2 of the batten circumference "+hem and a little bit of slop"

    Is that the way to do it? I'm having a hard time finding information on this. 

  • 12 Nov 2020 18:12
    Reply # 9360778 on 9327660

    Thanks David and David!!!

    I'm going to go with the top gun 9. Seems to have a good record with both durability and sewability. I'm going to order something like twice my sail size in material. I'm assuming there is going to be a good bit of waist and majority of that from learning curve. Blue and white will be my collars and I'm excited to talk further about beefing up the top 2 panels. If anyone can recommend some literature on that... 

  • 12 Nov 2020 08:45
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    David, we made the pair of sails for Footprints and Tystie from Hayward's Sunwing polyester cloth, which sadly is no longer available. It had UV protection - few regular sailcloths have this, and are not a low cost option if they do. I wouldn't use regular polyester sailcloth (Dacron and Terylene being brand names for the polyester fibre from which sailcloth is woven, not the cloth itself) for a cruising junk sail, unless UV protection was built into it. I would want a softer cloth that is happy to be left uncovered when not actually sailing.

    Jeffrey, Weathermax 80 is a good cloth, but is a bit tricky to sew. Topgun 9 would be a good choice. In your position, I'd be looking at  this and this . I've always had good results making sails from second grade cloth, as the flaws are generally cosmetic, not structural.

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  • 12 Nov 2020 06:15
    Reply # 9359428 on 9359301
    Jeffrey wrote:

    I'm thinking I'll just end up with Dacron. Unless y'all think that there is a material that would last longer that is equal or less in price.

    Well I personally think that if you are going to make a sail you should use the fabric designed for this purpose, which is Dacron. This fabric has stood up very well on my previous junk rig yacht, 8 years and still going strong. However, many of our members have used other fabrics such as those you have mentioned, with varying degrees of success. The problem with regular sail cloth is that it is only available in white, sometimes if you are lucky a light cream colour, and sometimes a tanbark colour which is very traditional. If you want to add interest and colour you would need to select something other than Dacron.

    Making a sail is a lot of work, so with all the time and effort involved you would be best served to pay more to obtain a quality fabric which is going to provide longevity, especially if you are planning on extended cruising. Going cheap for short term savings can end up being very expensive in the long term.

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