Sheeting system for easing the top panels

  • 11 Jul 2020 21:28
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    You are right, Jami.
    The Johanna anti-twist sheeting is mostly meant to be used with HM-style sails with a big, fanned top section and no sheet to the top batten.
    On a sail with flat top and all battens sheeted, that sort of sheeting would lead to twist the wrong way.
    Maybe you could show us your sailplan?


  • 11 Jul 2020 19:40
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    Arne has planned a sheeting system (”Johanna sheeting”) to reduce twist which to my understanding means that for a given amount of sheet the upper part of the sail will be sheeted in more/faster than the lower part.

    However, I would need just the opposite.

    The length of my battens, the sheeting point or some other factor/s seem to pull the top part of the sail in too strongly compared to the lowest panels and thus pulling the upper part downward way too much - and this is without Johanna-sheeting.

    What kind of sheeting system would counter this?

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