Transport Kingfisher 26 JR

  • 26 Jun 2020 23:18
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    Thanks Asmat, I think I’m leaning towards getting someone else to do it. 

  • 26 Jun 2020 22:59
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    Peter, I once had a Kingfisher 26: the one presently for sale in Cardiff. I am sure she was heavier than 2.17t. I always assumed she weighed 3t, but I'm afraid this is more of a hunch than sound knowledge. I suggest you get in touch the Kinghfisher Yacht Owners Association, where you may find  more reliable information. If the boatyard uses a  crane, its strain gauge will indicate the true weight.


  • 26 Jun 2020 21:53
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    Hi everyone,

    I have just become the proud owner of a Kingfisher 26JR that needs some work and I need to transport it from the boatyard that it’s being stored in to my home, I have done this before with a lighter boat, hauled it from Emsworth to Fishguard and on the ferry to Ireland.  The difficulty is that there are many different opinions as to the gross weight of the boat. I have a suitable trailer and a 4x4 but my trailer has a limit of 3000kgs that is broken down as 2500kgs load weight and 500kgs weight of trailer. Sailboat data list the Kingfisher as having a displacement of 2177 kgs which would work perfectly for my trailer but my question is.....(eventually) Is the displacement, the weight of the boat with sails mast and fit out? Or is it just the weight of the hull, mast and sail? The guy in the boatyard thinks it weighs between 3000-4000kgs, I just can’t see this as being correct, if this is true then I need to get someone else to transport it (at considerable cost) Somebody here knows what this boat weighs, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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