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  • 04 Feb 2020 19:48
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    Hi David, I am not sure what you mean by "But I can't change this size" - does it mean that you can't find the little corner handles? For some odd reason, when you are inserting a photo below a body of text, the corner handles are sometimes unable to be found in the corners of the photo, where you might expect to find them. You have to hunt for them and sometimes they are hard to find.

    Here is an example of a photo (too large) posted below a body of text. The corner handle I would be looking for turns out in this case to be hiding up near the top, where I would not have expected to find it.

    Actually, you seem to have succeeded with your insertion of the photo of the blue boat.

    Your other question "I can't always choose file" also I don't understand, but maybe this was the image you couldn't change the size of. This invitation to "Choose files" is for adding an attachment, not for inserting a photo. The result of using that option will be a "thumbnail" of your file - you can't alter the size of the thumbnail. But if you click on it you will find it is a link to the file you have attached, in its full size and resolution. Its quite a neat feature, I only just tried it now for the first time. 

    * If you want to insert a photo in your post, you have to copy the photo (from your album) and paste it into your post, and size it correctly. You seem to have done this sucessfully.

    * If you want to add a photo to your post as an attachment (rather a neat option) then you use the "choose files" button below, which you seem also to have done successfully (as you have achieved the "thumnail" and created the link). 

    Clear as mud?  I hope this helps. I don't have a Mac. The above just applies to my PC so I hope its not out of line.

    There is no such thing as a stupid question, don't hesitate to ask. The website has its deficiencies (and also its treasures). If Annie is too busy and gets grumpy (or, perhaps the problem was too many fruit flies in the wine the night before!) someone else surely will chime in.

    Zane: Hang in there, you have a nice boat which sails well - and when I sailed with you in the "Tall Ships" I thought you handled your boat well - not over-confident perhaps, but just fine. You have a few little details that need sorting out, and (no doubt) no shortage of conflicting advice. If you must pay, in future for professional help with your boat, try to pay for someone to work with you and show you how to do it, rather than just hire someone to do it for you - but better still, keep on good terms with people who will help you for nothing. (That's my tuppence worth of advice). I agree with you about the tone of the post you objected to, I thought the same and good on you for calling it as you saw it. But no hard feelings, its a small thing really, we are all just human and Annie is very generous with the time she contributes.

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  • 04 Feb 2020 18:06
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Sorry about that, Zane.

    Anyone can from time to time have a ‘bad hair day’, one way or another, and end up sending a message which is slightly 'unpolished'. I am afraid I have fallen in that trap myself, a few times. I can imagine I sometimes sound like a ‘Besserwisser’. The problem is that we don’t know each other personally. This means that a message which was meant to be ok straight-talk, can be interpreted  to be an insult, or as patronising, by the receiver. Communication is not that simple.

    Anyway, if you decide to bail out, I wish you good luck. At least the JRA-membership let you find Paul, who made you the coolest looking sail anyone could ask for.



    No point in lowering myself to that person's level.

    Never had an issue with you Arne.  You are a good man. 

    Take care.  

  • 04 Feb 2020 17:21
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    OK this is a test post.  The blue boat I dragged across from another open window.  How do I change the dimensions?  Graeme who was very generous in his reply (thank you) said to grab the size changer and adjust.  I get what he means and have resized pics by clicking on corner and adjusting.  But I can't change this size.

    Next I can't always "choose file" as it says below........is this a size thing?

    This is super cumbersome and I am working on a large Mac desktop.

    Constructive points welcome.

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  • 04 Feb 2020 12:54
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    Hi Just woke up to this on east coast US time zone.

    I thought for a moment I had posted something like which anchor to use or should I have a gun onboard?

    First off I have never actually noticed the help button or if I did, never thought it referenced forum issues.  It just doesn't jump out or I am stupid.

    Next I have used the search function dozens of times.  Over half the responses it links you to a thread buried years ago that you can't access.

    It's not a really user friendly form of website, but I am loath to criticize seeing as I don't contribute in any way. It is very difficult to navigate thru photos and albums.  I have no clue what websites cost in terms f money, maintenance etc etc.  I just know that this website is not easy.  Hence why I have been a member for so long and NEVER shared a photo.   And probably why the Facebook Junk group took off....because you can simply upload a pic.

    I think another poster gave GREAT advice on photos which is to have two JRA web pages open at once.  Good thinking.

    I was hoping one or 2 would direct me then I would delete the post.........oops!

    And honestly I wouldn't know even if I posted that in the technical, for sale section or what.  No clue.

    So there are no feelings hurt this side of the Atlantic, for sure.

    In private Annie Hill has been THE most generous emailer I have ever known.  I probably wouldn't have to got to the point of buying the Badger without her email advice.  I am kind of laughing and hope her "Badger love" will help her overcome my stupidity.

    As always, thank you all for the generous responses.

  • 04 Feb 2020 11:43
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    It needs a certain kind of “call centre” personality to be able to answer the same question a thousand times while keeping cool, calm and collected. I know I can’t. 

    Maybe we should all take a few minutes to read through the menus from time to time, whether or not we have question to ask, just to remind ourselves of  all that’s contained there. 

  • 04 Feb 2020 06:39
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Can someone kindly remind me how to add pics to posts?  Already want to share and sometimes a drawing is best.

    Can I only upload pics from ones already loaded onto my profile?

    And how do I add a hyperlink?  Cut and paste it in?

    Sorry if repetitive.


    Sigh.  Go to the Help button in the left-hand, blue column. 

    And this shouldn't be posted in the Technical Forum.  It should be in the forum dedicated to the JRA, magazine and website.  It's hard enough to search for topics as it is: putting them in the wrong forum makes it more difficult, especially as the Technical forum already has about 5 zillion posts.

    And if you had gone to the JRA forum, you would have found this topic addressed early on.

    If the Help doesn't work, please tell the Webmaster so that he can ensure that it does.

  • 03 Feb 2020 21:11
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    The explanation is given in the "help" section of the JRA website and has been reiterated many times.

    I was a slow learner in this department too, so sympathetic!

    Here is a somewhat more wordy explanation:

    Pasting image into post

    I am not sure if there is a file format which can be pasted directly into a post, I never found one by trial and error, but I found pretty quickly that copying images from  my own member photo album works, so I keep a folder for this sort of thing and just upload to my album any image I want to use in a post.

    When you do your post, it pays to have two instances of JRA running at the same time - one for the post you are composing, and the other so you can hop across to copy from your album, then hop back to paste the image into your post. It will likely be too large. You then need to highlight the image and look for the little corner handles which, for some reason are not easy to find and sometimes well above the position of your image. It is necessary to do this, to drag a corner until you have sized the image down to a size which fits (with a bit to spare) into your post field. (If you don't do that, then when you confirm your post it will flow over the edge of the field and  parts of it will be unreadable.)

    Linking to a URL

    If you want to link to a URL, you highlight the key word then go to the control panel above and select the little link icon.

    Paste your URL link into the appropriate field

    and the job is done.

    Linking to a photograph in your own member album

    Here is the trap which catches everyone first time. You can't just hop across to your member album for the URL which leads to your photo. If you do, the URL will include the component     /Sys/Profile/Photogallery/   etc

    You will think that has worked, because it will work for you. But no-one else will be able to open the link because it is directed just to your private profile.

    Instead of going to your "Member photo albums" you must access your image via "My directory profile". The URL will then have the component  /Sys/PublicProfile/  etc

    Its the same image, but now the URL includes the words "PublicProfile" and you can  know that other people will now be able to access your image.

    As before, it will save time in the end if you have two instances of JRA website running at the same time, hop from one to the other while making your link.

    Later on, if you again forget what to do - just go to the "Help" section of the website to refresh your memory. I must admit I had to make more than one visit.

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  • 03 Feb 2020 20:06
    Message # 8714960

    Can someone kindly remind me how to add pics to posts?  Already want to share and sometimes a drawing is best.

    Can I only upload pics from ones already loaded onto my profile?

    And how do I add a hyperlink?  Cut and paste it in?

    Sorry if repetitive.


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