Spare Blade For Hasler SP Wind Vane

  • 04 Apr 2012 20:56
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    Dear Slieve,

    Many thanks for your kind offer.I already have a blade and was hoping to save myself another job of making a spare, as I am preparing for the Jester Challenge Azores this May and time is running out.Thanks again

  • 28 Mar 2012 17:15
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    HI Paul

    I have photos taken alongside an inch tape so can work out the dimensions for you to make a replacement. Unfortunately I am away from home at the moment so if it is not too urgent please e-mail me direct about the 3rd April and I will be able to send you the photos and the dimensions. If you are in a panic I may be able to mail tthe dimensions later this evening, if I have not drunk too much vino.

    Cheers,  Slieve

  • 28 Mar 2012 10:14
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    I am trying to find a spare blade for my Hasler SP Wind Vane.Can anyone please help.Many thanks

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