Chris White's mast foil rig

  • 27 Dec 2011 18:53
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    Seeing that the complete name of the JRA at one time included "and advanced cruising rigs", I thought a pointer to another idea for a cruising rig would not be out of place:
    It is another staysail rig, as has been done before repeatedly through the decades.  The new element is that the mast is surrounded by a light rigid foil that can rotate through 360 degrees.  When not needed for drive, it will have less aerodynamic drag than the mast it surrounds.  At other times, it can contribute to drive.

    I think there are a few potential drawbacks: the triangular planform offers little sail area for the height of the rig.  Roller furling has, I read, trouble producing a good sail shape when reefed.

    Given that the sail doesn't overlap the mast, it should be possible to replace the roller furling with a sail with flipping battens, like Nils Myklebust uses, and junk-style sheeting and reefing.  After all, the flipping batten junk sail is an adaptation of Bierig's CamberSpar, which has been used to replace a wishbone boom in a self-tacking jib.


    Robert Biegler
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