Forestay with tabernacle?

  • 26 Jun 2011 00:16
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    The only downside I can see, Jeff, is that a forestay that is unopposed by backstays will, when Seablossom pitches over waves, tend to slacken and then come taut with a twang. For the lake sailing you have in mind for the immediate future, this shouldn't be serious, so I would try it and see what happens. Maybe the mast is stiff enough not to flex forwards too much.
  • 25 Jun 2011 23:02
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    Deleted user
    Seablossom, as previously discussed here, came with a forestay and running backstays.  I am in the process of removing the running backstays today, but am wondering...
    Since I intend to modify the mast with a tabernacle, probably in autumn, would there be any benefit to retaining the forestay?
    The tabernacle will fold the mast aft, over the stern.  Given that the force to move the boat forward is applied on the after parts of the mast, it does not seem that the forestay would provide any useful support.  However, it might be useful in itself for raising and lowering the mast in conjunction with an A frame pivoting on the not-in-use chain plates.  Would it do me any damage to simple leave it there?  I don't see it getting in the way of the sail.
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