Conversion Westerly 22

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  • 05 Jun 2018 21:00
    Reply # 6286852 on 6285145

    Ups I just saw that you can hardly see the first one but there are 2 files, it is actually right in front of the other one.


  • 04 Jun 2018 21:29
    Message # 6285145

    We are up to convert our W22. With the help of Practical JR (what a awesome book!) we designed the sailplan as good as we can. If someone with more experience in the construction of sailplans could have a look over the plan and save us from mistakes we would be very happy and thankfull. Our main goal was to keep the hatch and position the mast in front of it like it is in similar boots (Kingfisher26 for example). 

    We measured a waterline of 5930mm the official one is 5590mm. The new CE is roughly about 6% abaft the old one. The total sail area would increase from the old 21.09m² to 23.88m² which is ~13% more. The mast lengh above deck is 7840mm + under deck ~1220mm makes in total 9060mm. Which seems alright compared to the mast database. 16% of the total mast length would be under deck. The drawings are attached and we could also provide the Sailcut8 and/or CAD files.

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