Rope Materials

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  • 26 Mar 2011 13:05
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    I've found that the discussion of different types of rope among sailors will never end quickly or with concensus.

    Our experiments with different types of rope have proven that the dacron rope stands up well to wear and UV exposure. Our halyards, sheets and upper portion of the lazy jacks are doing well as they approach ten years of age.

    We have used nylon and fisherman's polypropyline rope on the lower lazy jacks. The nylon stood up well but was replaced with the polypropyline (polysteel) rope when we reconfigured the lazy jacks a year ago. We also used it on the running and standing parrels where its seems to be working very well.

    The polysteel we used to lash down the dingy lasted about three years before the UV broke it down completely. It takes on a furry texture and become quite soft in the handling before it lets go. Lots of advance warning.

    I like the dacron but it is so expensive as to be prohibitive. The nylon is good in both price and durability. The UV stabilized polypropyline is cheap, readily available worldwide and while less durable still serves the purpose. All lines are twisted. We have not used braided rope at all on Easy Go.

    I suspect I'll stay with dacron for at least the halyard as I use that to haul myself up the mast. The rest will be changed over to whatever we can find and afford while travelling.

    What types of rope and success have you experienced? What are reliable brand names in various countries?

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