6½" O/D X ¼" Aluminium Tube 6082 T6 mast question

  • 10 Jul 2024 15:43
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    I am also working on Junk Rig conversion on my Bahia 22 which is half the displacement of your Hurley 22. There are 2 motivations for me to find the right size aluminum pipe mast. Firstly, lighter pipe = cheaper pipe, secondly, safety.
    Arne has a great writ-up on the topic which I find immesely helpful. 
    Chapter 6b, The Hybrid Mast (ver. 20180917A)http://goo.gl/WE36w3

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  • 08 Jul 2024 16:04
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    Hi, I've tracked down a supplier of what I hope will be suitable for a mast for 22 foot boat (Hurley 22), which is 6½" (O/D  ¼") aluminium tube (6082 T6). I take it that thicker wall is actually better, as this is 6.35mm verses 3mm, which seems more common for junk masts? 

    Also, although I expect I can only get 5 metre sections, and so need to make a wooden top section (3 metres), if I could get a full length 8 metre tube, would this really be so bad? Most stayed masts have no taper (but thinner), so although chunky 6 inch mast be so bad?

    I'm planning on building a tabernacle in the same style as Annie Hill (who has been really great help), which means an 8 metre mast will be 8 metres above the partners, so hope this should still be a lightweight mast (my boat is a bilge keel model).

    Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts.


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