Bent a Rudder, Balkan Style....

  • 16 Jun 2024 06:38
    Message # 13370737

    Hi guys, a great day it was, all canvas aloft boat sailed well

    Later in the afternoon wind built to a strong F4, boat was coocking.....

    A great sail!

    I made her Balanced rudders, I hated them from day 1, no feel, and hard to hold course.

    They bite and swing, sailing fast, Jenia on the helm, the leading edge bit it swung way over and the hard water bent it 90 degrees...

    Anyway cot off the leading edges, going to glass them up today, will raise the rudders higher, to reduce leverage, cut of leading edge to reduce size and enhance feel and finally will weld a thicker pipe into the existing 25x1.5 mm SS

    Keep Junking Guys, Balkan Shipyards 

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